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Sun Jul 1st 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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Time zone: pacific

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4:53pm   SysOp (host)


4:53pm   dman6448655


4:53pm   dman6448655

oh so close!

4:54pm   Skatervans


4:57pm   AberrantViso


5:00pm   Indy

Hey hey guys

5:00pm   dman6448655

hey yo, dman and his bro in law in the house!

5:00pm   Skatervans

Hey everyone

5:01pm   dman6448655

too bad prolly no bank holiday in Ireland for oliver to join but he was talking a bit in the fb messenger chat today

5:01pm   dman6448655

good to meet your gf, skater, did she enjoy herself yesterday?

5:02pm   Indy

dman,AberrantViso, you guys disappeared after the band. it's like you vanished into an air of some kind

5:02pm   Skatervans

Hey dman, yeah she had a nice time

5:03pm   dman6448655

haha sorry to jet indy. we wanted to treat capt shred aka josh from super madness to a brewski, and the dman shouldn't take credit, that was aberrantviso idea

5:04pm   dman6448655

we want to another bar that off the left behind everyone (facing the stage)

5:05pm   AberrantViso

(insert thumbs up emoticon)

5:05pm   Skatervans

Thats a cool move dman

5:05pm   dman6448655

I hope I wasn't talking too much. don't want to scare poor laurie (spelling?) away. haha. she seemed cool though. I probably am kinda intimidating with all weird stories

5:06pm   AberrantViso

They're going to be playing at Anime Expo, might try to catch em there

5:06pm   dman6448655

also he is capt_shred on instragram if anyone wants to follow, and his gmail was similar. cool dude. he was close in age to the dman. yeah Saturday 7pm at anime expo in a lounge they have next set

5:07pm   Skatervans

No man, Lauren thought you were a cool guy, with all your lawyer talk

5:07pm   Indy

the noises in this song kinda reminds me of the noises in all those splatoon songs that get played

5:07pm   AberrantViso

oh it's my song

5:07pm   Indy

dman the law talking guy

5:07pm   dman6448655

hey this goes with everything!

5:07pm   Skatervans

Woooo guile stage!

5:08pm   dman6448655

she thought I was a cool guy, really? haha I thought she thought I was totally weird. I have that impression usually on people hehehe

5:09pm   Skatervans

Sonic boom!!!

5:10pm   dman6448655

see the key when meeting new people is self deprecating humor. that's why dman describes himself as a leech on society and is in awe of people who are creatives like viso, pika, and skater and lauren who actually have a desire to create and make.

5:10pm   Skatervans

I wish yer was here to hear this... In America heh

5:11pm   dman6448655

but as great as these vgms tracks are, the shred-age by Super Mad-Nes was second to none. that poor dude josh commutes in from Frazier Park!!!

5:11pm   dman6448655

haha in America. drinking and fighting....are these the things we think of when we think of the irish???

5:13pm   Skatervans

Supermadnes killed it last night, is Josh the drummer dude or was he the guy on keytar?

5:14pm   AberrantViso

*headbanging intensifies*

5:15pm   dman6448655

there was Niko, josh, ryan and ryan. Josh was the lead guitarist on the lefthand side facing stage.

5:15pm   Skatervans

Oh cool they were shredding hard

5:16pm   dman6448655

yeah getting to the bar afterwards, josh had to explain the type of music they played to the bartender. good times, good times

5:17pm   dman6448655

yeah I needed long hair to bring back the headbangers ball haha. oh mtv, why did you ever kill that show???

5:17pm   itsthatbean

Ryan is the one that plays the keytar and keyboard

5:17pm   itsthatbean

and hey chat

5:18pm   dman6448655

hey bean, ryan was keytar guy yes but sounded like 2nd guitarist was also ryan haha

5:18pm   Indy

hey mates, Pikachu is at the night market getting her grub on. perhaps she will peek in to say whatsup, but that's where she is atm

5:19pm   itsthatbean

ah hahaha.

5:19pm   itsthatbean

That's cool that SC3 was fun, yesterday. Couldn't make it though. broke = no fun things

5:20pm   Indy

bandit keith...in america

5:20pm   dman6448655

thanks for the info indy, yeah cant blame her. so much goodness. dman needs to make night market later this summer

5:20pm   Skatervans

Haha calling all Ryan Michael Vincents!

5:20pm   dman6448655

being broke no es fun, I agree. most of us didn't even actually go in the arcade tho. just played consoles, and chatted, and drank, and hit up the vendors and band

5:21pm   dman6448655

this Ryan-u-ary, it's time to Michael up your vincents!!

5:22pm   Skatervans

1,2 Ryan Michael Vincents

5:22pm   dman6448655

Come Home to the impossible flavor of your own completion....come home to Simple Rick's

5:23pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

Really? It was yesterday? I was all ready for SC3 today.argh

5:24pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

Are there any self help books at the library for this sort of thing? "How to survive until Ca Xtreme"

5:25pm   dman6448655

4 weeks to go robot

5:27pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

4 weeks? that's like 3 months from now!

5:27pm   dman6448655

yeah I would be nice to go to CA Xtreme one day, or that Arcade expo at the Banning pinball museum

5:28pm   dman6448655

haha boom. and when is this event in 4 weeks from now???

5:29pm   itsthatbean

Where is CA extreme taking place?

5:30pm   dman6448655

I felt bad asking lauren any questions because I am very interested in folks good at art and graphic design, but sounds like she was just getting into it. I totally respect the artistically talented

5:31pm   dman6448655

hyatt regency santa clara looks like

5:32pm   Skatervans

Yeah she is getting into it

5:33pm   itsthatbean

nice and ouch... sounds like a road trip needs to be planned for that

5:34pm   SysOp (host)

im hauling up 20+ of my arcade games to CAX in santa clara. Its a 9 hour truck drive me lol

5:34pm   SysOp (host)

CAX is probably my fave arcade and pinball expo. been going since '97

5:35pm   Duckdodger24

Woo!! My jam!!!

5:35pm   dman6448655

dang sysop you need a convoy to keep you motivated. kinda like that Christmas convoy song from king of the hill....*thick texas accent* Ten-Four, King of the Jews...

5:36pm   Duckdodger24

Woo!! My jam!!!

5:36pm   dman6448655

well glad Dominguez hills is treating you guys well skater. thought sounds like a bit of a drive tho

5:37pm   Skatervans

Oh man sysop 9 hour drive? I respect that dedication

5:38pm   dman6448655

what I would love would be NO LINES for pinball. that's the dman's dream. yeah itd be worth 9 hours if theres amazing selection and you don't have to wait behind some fat guy on the machine for an hour, haha

5:38pm   Skatervans

Haha dman I like the king of the hill ep

5:39pm   Indy

pretty cool track playing

5:40pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

There were rarely lines for things last year at CAX. There are a lot of attendees, but also a lot of machines. And the hotel manages to keep it all nice and cooool

5:40pm   itsthatbean

What day is CAX? I'm guessing SysOp would be driving up there on Friday and arrive there to try and get things set up and ready for the expo on the weekend

5:42pm   SysOp (host)

its last weekend of this month.

5:42pm   SysOp (host)


5:43pm   dman6448655

haha thanks skater. yeah CAX sounds pretty rad. enough machines to go around is the dream. not that SC3 isn't crazy fun too but 9 hours is a long way

5:43pm   Skatervans

Sounds like good times

5:44pm   SysOp (host)

southwest flights can be pretty cheap

5:44pm   SysOp (host)

its 9 hours for me cause im driving a truck. if you go by car you can do it 6+

5:45pm   itsthatbean

ah ok. thanks for the link, SysOp

5:46pm   dman6448655

yeah haulin machines up and back is pretty slow. maybe I could stow away a la bill, dale and boomhauer haha

5:48pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

It is exhausting sort of fun

5:49pm   Skatervans


5:49pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

And close by is one of the 2 good Valerios bake shops. Ube & cream cheese mini Ensaymadas. mmmmm. And I don't even like to eat.

5:49pm   Skatervans

Sysop, did Oliver request this?

5:50pm   SysOp (host)


5:52pm   luckybearjacques

Yo, SysOp - Panzer Dragoon Episode 1

5:53pm   luckybearjacques

How's it err'body ?

5:53pm   Skatervans

Ok, Yer would of liked that track if he was here

5:54pm   dman6448655

haha sys-oops right there

5:54pm   Skatervans


5:54pm   luckybearjacques

YEAH, baby - it's all good

5:54pm   dman6448655

hey Jacques, still riding the SC3 high myself. I have never been to a valerios bake shop. or a Black Bear Diner for that matter that the dman and viso drove by yesterday

5:55pm   Skatervans

Heh I haven't heard a sysoops in a long time

5:55pm   SysOp (host)

another sysoops moment lol

5:55pm   dman6448655

what classes you got coming your way skater? or are you off for summer?

5:55pm   SysOp (host)

SV, and it wont be the last lol

5:56pm   itsthatbean


5:56pm   Skatervans

I not taking any classes this summer. I'm working more trying to save up for a new car

5:57pm   Skatervans

Haha sysop

5:58pm   Skatervans

I like when KDB play Dr. Mario live, they're funny dudes

5:59pm   SysOp (host)

wheres peeks?

6:00pm   Skatervans

She's at a night market living the foodie life

6:01pm   dman6448655

oh man I needs some KDB!!! should've gone to the show for E3 was it was like a Tuesday night. yeah syop, #foodielife called. pika answered. the rest of us are on the outside looking in. haha

6:01pm   SysOp (host)

of course!

6:01pm   Skatervans

626 night market is back I think

6:05pm   Skatervans

Cool groovy track

6:07pm   dman6448655

very samurai, much Africa haha

6:12pm   dman6448655

much chill in this vgms today. kinda like all the beer viso, myself, and nic were partaking in yesterday. good times. now if I could only live that #fullerton life, like with the $2.4 mil house we saw a flyer for in the bar at the end of the night

6:12pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

dman - if you do go to valerios, there are a bunch that are not necessarily associated with eachother. Valeris city bakery, valerios bake shop, valerios tropical bake shop, all different things. Although the people running them might be all related.

6:12pm   itsthatbean

ah. I love this game

6:13pm   itsthatbean

the songs in it are awesome

6:14pm   dman6448655

ah thanks robot, oh wow LeBron reported to do 4 year contract with Lakers. people at my work will care

6:14pm   itsthatbean

yup. i heard the news on that.

6:15pm   itsthatbean

I'm not pleased on that signing and I'm a Laker fan.

6:16pm   dman6448655

yeah I don't want to much staples drama. I work too close by

6:16pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

The best ones I have been to are in san jose, and the "valerios bakeshop" in national city. which is by 2 other valerios.

6:17pm   itsthatbean

All i can say is if Lebron goes down with a season ending injury, the organizations spent a lot of money for nothing in return.

6:17pm   luckybearjacques

LOL - all of this is hilarious

6:18pm   luckybearjacques

also, i'm born and raised in LA (the southbay/harbor area), and i have no idea how to feel about james comin' to town...

6:19pm   luckybearjacques

honestly, that dude with the shoes and the crazy dad, what's his face - GOD, i want that dude to get traded

6:21pm   itsthatbean

Lornzo Ball

6:22pm   itsthatbean

Dad's name is LaVar Ball. Representing the Big Baller Brand wherever he goes lol

6:24pm   luckybearjacques


6:26pm   dman6448655

haha the Balls yeah. oh yeah and I saw their website. yeah never been to National City.

6:26pm   dman6448655

sorry dman was fixing the living room fan there. but I gotta say TMNT!!!

6:26pm   itsthatbean

He has started and running his own basketball league right now. The sad part of it all is each team, while representing a city, are all called Ballers (ie. Chicago Ballers, New York Ballers, etc.)

6:27pm   itsthatbean

National City is in San Diego area, if I am remembering correctly

6:27pm   dman6448655

dang cant believe Russia beat spain today. and the Denmark Croatia game also went to pk's too. too many shoot outs today

6:29pm   AberrantViso

crazy times

6:30pm   dman6448655

yup down by the border yes. lol they are also the ballers. reminds me of "who are we? the Wildcats!!" "and who are we gonna beat?? The wildcats!!!"

6:30pm   itsthatbean

The playoffs are set and tomorrow is the start. Mexico vs. Brazil

6:33pm   luckybearjacques

i LOVE that they're all called the "ballers"

6:35pm   AberrantViso

crazy times

6:35pm   AberrantViso

oops, refreshed

6:36pm   AberrantViso

fo' sho'

6:37pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

bean- yes, national city in san diego has "valerios finest bake shop" "valerios bake shop" & "valerios city bakery, all within a mile of each other.

6:38pm   dman6448655

haha sounds confusing robot, don't give somebody on the street directions based on proximity to one of those businesses that's for sure

6:38pm   dman6448655

last 20 minutes! sorry pika couldn't join us today

6:41pm   Skatervans

Yeah this is the best world cup I've ever witnessed. Def world class playing

6:42pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

took me 2 years to find the right place in california that actually made what somebody brought to a pool party. The language barrier didn't help.

6:44pm   AberrantViso

magisterial, as Ray Hudson would say

6:46pm   dman6448655

haha love the mag-is-ter-ial!

6:50pm   dman6448655

looks like Ray Hudson played for quite a while too, just smaller clubs mostly

6:52pm   pikachu

just got in. sorry for the delay but 626 night market is priority cause i go every year.

6:52pm   AberrantViso

yeah. the "pseudo" manager at work is a Newcastle fan and Ray Hudson played for them

6:52pm   AberrantViso

hiyo pikachu

6:53pm   pikachu

QUIZ: in Zelda Ocarina of time, what color is the special cucoo that you have to take to the guy in the forest?

6:53pm   pikachu

all points worth 5 in the last few mins for catch up!

6:53pm   pikachu

hey skinny Viso! keep it up buddy!

6:53pm   dman6448655


6:54pm   dman6448655

last 5 mins, thanks for the appearance pika

6:54pm   dman6448655

hope everyone has a great july 4th too!!!....right in the middle of the week haha

6:54pm   lndy

The mighty Peeks made it, yass!

6:54pm   pikachu

not gold, its one of the primary colors

6:55pm   lndy


6:55pm   pikachu

that twitter bird on the chat page is a dead giveaway of the color

6:55pm   pikachu


6:56pm   pikachu

where is Jaque?

6:56pm   pikachu


6:57pm   AberrantViso

lol skinny viso, thanks

6:57pm   dman6448655

Jacque was around... so looking forward to cyberpunk 2077. who knows how long thatll be in dev

6:57pm   Skatervans

Hey pika, in the chat?

6:57pm   pikachu

QUIZ: what do i prefer more? A)milk tea boba B)green\black tea boba? worth 20 PP

6:57pm   Skatervans


6:57pm   pikachu

he needed pp so i got here as fast as i could

6:57pm   pikachu


6:58pm   Skatervans

Woo hoo! Im catching up

6:58pm   pikachu

392 pp now svans! that bumped you up!



Na “Auzal”
composed by na
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Na “Battle (Shy Bandit)”
composed by na
from Paper Mario Color Splash (NA)



Na “Guile Stage”
composed by na
from Street Fighter II Turbo (NA)



Na “Bandit Keith Weevil Underwood Rex Raptor Bonz Theme”
composed by na
from Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links (NA)



Na “Boss Battle 2”
composed by na
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Na “Hunting - Rare Devil”
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NES “retro block”
composed by NES
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Na “The Raid on Digistruct Peak”
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Na “King K. Rool - Live Orchestra”
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Na “newest theme”
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NES “retro block”
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Na “Layer Cake”
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Na “Banquet of Gratitud (Africa Stage)”
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Na “Time Trial Theme”
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Na “Shake Ya Body (Full Version)”
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NES “retro block”
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Na “Final Boss Battle (Ebb Flow Remix)”
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Na “Zelda's Lullaby”
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Na “The Queen”
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Na “Keep Your Rifle by Your Side (Choir Version)”
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Na “Overworld”
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Na “Y.Vs Mansion Theme”
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Na “Official Trailer Song (Hyper - Spoiler)”
composed by na
from Cyberpunk 2077 (NA)

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