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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Jul 8th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:50pm   SysOp (host)


4:51pm   dman6448655

2nd!!! been playing tons of Mario Odyssey last couple days!!!

4:52pm   AberrantViso

Le 3rd?

4:56pm   Pikaonlocation

Trapped at BBQ again

4:58pm   AberrantViso

mmm, BBQ

5:00pm   SysOp (host)

mmmm.... BBQ. I was at Gus's BBQ in Claremont that just opened a couple weeks ago. very good but pricey

5:00pm   Pikaonlocation

Data is kinda low and I'm not near wifi, will try to get home to chat when I get the chance

5:01pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

Have I gone deaf?

5:01pm   AberrantViso

@dman, we must go try it one day

5:02pm   dman6448655

stream out all weekend eh?

5:03pm   dman6448655

will do. gus's would be fun. I will lookup whereabouts in cmont that is

5:04pm   dman6448655

dman is trying to link his phone to his PC but the text it sends (when you add your phone # in Win10 settings) just prompts you to install Edge and sign in, which I already am lol

5:05pm   dman6448655

looks like Gus's might be in the packing house. I have been in there since it was redone. nice

5:09pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

dman - Android or Iphone?

5:10pm   dman6448655


5:10pm   dman6448655

if I uninstalled and reinstalled or signed out and back in it might work, but no time

5:11pm   AberrantViso

well there's the problem, hehe

5:12pm   AberrantViso


5:15pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobot

dman- you might try downloading the cortana app

5:15pm   Tdog

Anime has ruined these games for me

5:16pm   AberrantViso

any catch one of the Squirtle squad members today? I did not :(

5:16pm   dman6448655

I got cortana too, should check that

5:16pm   dman6448655

how was anime expo for those that attended??

5:16pm   Tdog

I know it probably wouldn't have sold as well, but I want KH to be subbed and not dubbed...

5:18pm   AberrantViso

ended up passing on AX because darn that 117 degree weather @_@

5:20pm   dman6448655

oh no fun. it was way too hot this weekend for sure

5:22pm   Duckdodger24

Life force !!

5:25pm   dman6448655

nice retro block. yeah hard to do much. dman was doing yard work all day yesterday. no choice since it was my first free day in a month. and that was tough stuff

5:27pm   Llanfabon

I had a bunch of plans for this weekend, but I ended up staying inside with the AC for the majority of it, LOL

5:28pm   dman6448655

yeah wish I had AC. only the master bed does. we do have fans but still, outside doing yard work I was lathering up the sunscreen

5:29pm   AberrantViso


5:30pm   Duckdodger24

As this heat continues..I now understand.. the thong.

5:33pm   dman6448655

wow just discovered the list in Mario Odyssey. there are a ton of things to possess with the cap, power moons, unique world currency coins, etc. it's HUGE!

5:33pm   pikachu daddy

woo woo

5:33pm   Llanfabon

Lmao, I tied up my hair. That was not enough...

5:36pm   Llanfabon

Any of you guys been following the World Cup?

5:38pm   dman6448655

I am following world cup somewhat yes.

5:38pm   dman6448655

all Europe final 4 this WC

5:39pm   AberrantViso


5:41pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobotMyCompCrashed

oooo was ist das FunkyBeat

5:42pm   Duckdodger24

World cup is always exciting!

5:42pm   Llanfabon

I am rooting for Belgium, but damn I really think France is going to win. They've been kicking so much ass up 'til now.

5:45pm   dman6448655

mbeppe cant be stopped haha. that Belgium-japan game was crazy good, I saw a lot of that one

5:45pm   Duckdodger24

Song brings back so many frustrating memories...(tear)

5:47pm   Duckdodger24

Song brings back so many frustrating memories...(tear)

5:50pm   Lettuce

A Bell Is Tolling by Smooth McGroove

5:51pm   Lettuce

Or Chrono Trigger Main Theme by Smooth McGroove

5:52pm   Duckdodger24

Full house !!

5:53pm   Duckdodger24

Uncle Jessie!

5:54pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobotMyCompCrashed

Vulgar Bob Saget!

5:55pm   Duckdodger24


5:56pm   dman6448655

Alfred chicken eh? not a classic. man, no skatervans or indy today! oliver proly got work but still

5:58pm   Duckdodger24

Yeah... Gonna pass on this retro block...

5:59pm   pikachu daddy

woo woo

6:00pm   AberrantViso

was wondering where Indy @

6:00pm   pikachu daddy

woo woo

6:00pm   pikachu daddy

woo woo

6:01pm   Duckdodger24

P.daddy this music though?.. no bueno

6:02pm   Llanfabon

I'm hungryyyyy

6:03pm   Llanfabon

Lol this song sounds silly

6:03pm   dman6448655

oh xenoblade. looks decent. I think they already remade 2 from wii u to switch. looks good.

6:06pm   Duckdodger24

Yes !!

6:06pm   pikachu daddy


6:06pm   dman6448655

oh interesting halo 2 remix

6:08pm   Duckdodger24

What a great game !! And memories!!!

6:09pm   pikachu daddy

woo woo

6:10pm   Llanfabon

I saw a documentary of all the voice actors, it's funny how talented they all are

6:11pm   Duckdodger24

Weird science?

6:12pm   Duckdodger24

What's the name of that documentary?

6:12pm   Llanfabon

It was like a behind the scenes video I saw on YouTube for Halo 2

6:13pm   Llanfabon

This song is from LISA. Such a badass game.

6:14pm   Duckdodger24

I'll look for it! Thanks! Currently trying to finish halo5 .haha too many games !

6:14pm   pikachu daddy


6:16pm   Duckdodger24

Nice !

6:19pm   Duckdodger24

Nice !

6:23pm   dman6448655

i played through halo 5 but the story doesn't make all the sense when i haven't done all previous ones. haha. Zelda 2. underrated classic

6:24pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobotMyCompCrashed

foes kspc broadcast over HD radio, when it is actually broadcasting?

6:25pm   SoWhatIfIAmARobotMyCompCrashed

The netstream sound quality is much better than normal ota broadcast

6:27pm   Tdog

I can't be the only one who isn't receiving KSPC in my car radio...

6:27pm   Tdog

Like all weekend 88.7 has been dead silent for me

6:27pm   Duckdodger24

Music is fantastic!! And yeah. Halo 5story not so great

6:27pm   dman6448655

yeah it has been out all weekend Tdog. planned I think too. FM signal should be back tomorrow at some point

6:28pm   Tdog

Oooooooooh word

6:28pm   dman6448655

yeah 88.7 down all weekend. annoying when I cant get it in my car on a drive to/work from though. less annoying if not during commute time

6:29pm   Tdog

Thx dman started to lose my mind lol

6:37pm   dman6448655

sega's collection on spotify is nice. tons of tracks from vintage games including jet set/jet grind radio and future too

6:39pm   pikachu

SYSOP, while driving home we didn't hear the show, had to stream it

6:41pm   SysOp (host)

yes, the KSPC FM transmitter is down. Will be back up tomorrow

6:43pm   dman6448655

octopath traveler demo im playing now is pretty good. too bad you only get 2 hrs and theres a crapton of dialogue haha

6:45pm   pikachu

i still want it! octopath

6:45pm   dman6448655

hmmm def would like a Switch pro controller. too bad controllers somehow went from like $30 to $70 when dman wasn't paying attention hahaha

6:45pm   dman6448655

yeah it's on my wishlist too pika. I think octopath will be a classic Switch rpg

6:48pm   dman6448655

last 10 mins!

6:51pm   pikachu

this is from Zelda gb games!

6:53pm   dman6448655

loved links awakening. for its time probably the best handheld ever made

6:57pm   AberrantViso

game over man, game over

6:57pm   pikachu




Na “Tag Main Menu Theme”
composed by na
from Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links (NA)



Na “Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger”
composed by na
from Devil May Cry 5 (NA)



Na “Simple and Clean”
composed by na
from Kingdom Hearts (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Life Force (NA)



Na “Puzzle Swap Nintendo 3DS Guitar Cover”
composed by na (NA)



Na “Sonic His World (Zebrahead Ver.) [With Lyrics]”
composed by na



Na “Phenomenal (AJ Styles Theme)”
composed by na
from 8 Bit Tribute to CFO - 8 Bit Universe (NA)



Rare Candy “Dark World”
composed by na
from The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past (NA)



Na “Spring yard zone Re-imagined”
composed by na
from Tee Lopes (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Alfred Chicken (NA)



Na “Riki the Legendary Hero”
composed by na
from Xenoblade Chronicles (NA)



Na “Follow (1st Movement Of The Odyssey)”
composed by na
from Halo 2 (NA)



Charli XCX “Vroom Vroom (Gale Motorcycle Club Version)”
composed by na
from Vroom Vroom (NA)



Na “Nasty Majesty (Off the Hook)”
composed by na
from Splatoon 2 (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Zelda 2 (NA)



Na “Step Right Up (Menu)”
composed by na
from Killing Floor 2 (NA)



Na “Aisle 10”
composed by na
from Jet Set Radio Future (NA)



Na “To the Center of the Demonic Castle - Castle Treasury”
composed by na
from Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (NA)



Na “Trouble Shooting Star”
composed by na
from Yakuza 0 (NA)



Na “Swamp Area _Music 1”
composed by na
from Maximo Ghosts to Glory (NA)



Na “Asteroid Field(Fictional Redbook Mix)”
composed by na
from Gleylancer (NA)



Na “Catfishs Maw”
composed by na
from The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Orchestral Arrangement (NA)



Na “Chemical Plant Zone”
composed by na
from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (NA)

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