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Sun Aug 12th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:52pm   SysOp (host)


4:54pm   pikachu


4:54pm   pikachu

yo Sys, i posted pics in the chatroom lives!

4:59pm   SysOp (host)

im really sorry i couldnt make it =-(

5:01pm   pikachu

i know you got stuff, its cool

5:03pm   pikachu

birthday tomorrow!!! big 39!

5:03pm   dman6448655

dman reporting in !

5:04pm   dman6448655

pffft yeah right pika. I bet you still get carded all the time. friggin 21 if I ever saw someone just turn drinking age

5:04pm   pikachu

thumbs up to that!

5:05pm   dman6448655

indy may be heading to Disney. you work for Disney which means you crank out assembly line whimsy

5:05pm   dman6448655

and look at dman, here I am at 34 like a sucker. haha.

5:09pm   thatbean


5:10pm   pikachu


5:12pm   dman6448655

oh nice DKC2 track. hey bean

5:13pm   dman6448655

I see the cast of Back to the Future reunited at a boston fan fest. good times.

5:15pm   Llanfabon


5:17pm   pikachu

hello young peeps. old lady peeks is in da house! 39! someone shoot me!

5:17pm   pikachu

actual bday tomorrow...

5:18pm   thatbean

happy birthday pika

5:18pm   Llanfabon

I'm ten years behind lol

5:19pm   pikachu

thanks bean.

5:19pm   pikachu

korean bbq!

5:19pm   dman6448655

lol old lady peeks. actually our KBBQ was in temple city. haha. but it was yummy!!!

5:20pm   dman6448655

nice tracks so far! too bad oliver cant join us. we got 3 prerecords in 4 weeks sounds like. Polly don't like that cracker, haha

5:21pm   The_hooded_one

Play main frame from borderlands presequellll. Please. :]

5:21pm   The_hooded_one

Hello all

5:24pm   Millie kentner

Hey all, and happy early birthday pika! How was KBBQ?

5:24pm   dman6448655

hey hooded one. thanks for joining the chat you might want to facebook post or videogamemusicshow@gmail your request as sysop doesn't always see them in here

5:24pm   dman6448655

hey millie. yeah kbbq was great. I hope I speak for pika on that.

5:24pm   Llanfabon

KBBQ sounds so good right now!

5:26pm   The_hooded_one

Ohhh okay thanks!

5:26pm   thatbean

kbbq always sounds good

5:26pm   dman6448655

right you are llanfabon!

5:27pm   dman6448655

is your set ready for some more lets play gaming action, millie?

5:28pm   pikachu

it was yummy! so good

5:29pm   pikachu

i love that brown watery sauce, but that sesame oil with salt on the bottom of it makes the meat taste awesomer!

5:32pm   dman6448655

yeah I thought both those sauces were pretty amazing pika. I tried to get as much of those as I could into the dman's taste bud vicinity!

5:33pm   dman6448655

did anyone go to KCon? my wifes sister loves the K pop music. though it's also a 626 night market weekend too

5:33pm   pikachu

i saw millies bro's show have a girl guest star! maybe theres hope for me finally hitting the big screen someday!

5:33pm   The_hooded_one

The Tetris effect song is really really good

5:34pm   The_hooded_one

Best song on Rayman legenndssss

5:35pm   dman6448655

oh totally pika. we need more girl gamers with their own channel. huge untapped potential market there!

5:36pm   SysOp (host)

pika, i actually surprised you dont have your own twitch/youtube channel. you would get a lot of viewers

5:37pm   Llanfabon

Would you recommend Raymand Legends? I've noticed it's pretty cheap for the Vita

5:37pm   dman6448655

oh cant wait for Fallout 76!!! im still playing fallout 4 few times a week!

5:38pm   dman6448655

yeah agree sysop. she would get TONS of viewers.

5:38pm   pikachu

i thought of that too but no 40 yr old will top some glasses wearing fake gamer thats 20 or so

5:39pm   The_hooded_one

I'm waiting for red dead! Soo cool.

5:39pm   SysOp (host)

people would watch cuase youre legit. must people can see past those faker chix

5:40pm   The_hooded_one

Rayman legends is good! I played co-op on big screen though with my wife.

5:40pm   thatbean

The Rayman song, dragon slayer, is a cover of "Antisocial" by Trust... Small fact for those interested.. (Trust is a French band)

5:40pm   Llanfabon

One of my friends is a Twitch Girl. She actually has a decent following, though I find her incredibly superficial and boring.

5:41pm   pikachu

i can barely get 300 on insta!

5:41pm   Millie kentner

Pika, I hardly see experienced gamers such as yourself (gamers who lived through the great drag/nintendo wars on YouTube. It’d be awesome to see you with a channel! Plus, you don’t look 40

5:41pm   dman6448655

nice sonic adventure track!! ah cool trivia bean

5:41pm   Millie kentner

And DMAN, it’s all done! I’m just working on some special effects! Once I finish that up, I’m going to film/ release some vids, including the SC3 one!

5:42pm   pikachu

my cousin who is 10 yrs younger than me and just has tattoos has 2000! and she doesn't game and post it! why world why?

5:42pm   The_hooded_one

Kinda reminds me of starry zone from... Sonic 1? 2?

5:42pm   Llanfabon

Loved this Adventure track back in the day.

5:42pm   pikachu

whats superficial mean?

5:42pm   pikachu

into herself?

5:42pm   dman6448655

pshaw peeks. theres a lot of dudes who would tune in. the true gamers who are natural beauties will get tons of views than those 5 pounds of makeup chicks

5:43pm   The_hooded_one

Gonna run a few warframe missions weee

5:43pm   pikachu

thanks Millz, but don't you have to buy a twitch?

5:43pm   Llanfabon

WOOH! Sonic!

5:43pm   dman6448655

on the surface, no depth, no substance, into yourself. yeah into herself

5:43pm   Millie kentner

Sonic adventure has such an awesome soundtracks I remember when my phone ringer was set to “welcome to station square” and pika recognized it. Happy day

5:44pm   Millie kentner

And Pika, I’m not entirely sure how Twitch works. I’m more of a YouTube guy myself. But YouTube is free.99

5:44pm   dman6448655

oh nice!! to hear millie. you will have to film some at this November's SC3! back in action, Claremont style!

5:45pm   pikachu

that soundtrack of sonic adventure is one of my rare ones. one of those never played the game, but played the music

5:45pm   Millie kentner

I’m going to make every SC3 video better and better. I’m looking forward to releasing the previous one, and filming the next one!

5:45pm   Llanfabon

Yeah, superficial in the fact that she acted very fake from what I had known her.

5:46pm   Millie kentner

You should play, Pika! The soundtrack gives every level life

5:46pm   SysOp (host)

im pretty sure twitch is free

5:46pm   dman6448655

lol mgs 8bit. I recognized it right away!

5:46pm   The_hooded_one

Not for honor

5:49pm   dman6448655

not for honor, but for yoboooouuuuuu!!! hahah. catchy. yeah pika but your youtubes or twitch gamerz skillz will get you more than 300 followers. a lot of people post food pics. the game streaming will be more followers as your personality shines

5:49pm   Indy

Evening mates! On the tram right now headed into to Disney. Just wanted to stop by the chat to say hey. Also to happy pre-bday wishes to peeks.

5:49pm   pikachu

guys, am i fake?

5:49pm   pikachu

thanks Inders! enjoy!

5:51pm   Millie kentner

You’re no fake fan haha

5:52pm   pikachu

good. cause i feel i am genuine...

5:52pm   Llanfabon

Lol, well she was always one that craved attention.

5:53pm   dman6448655

hey indy have a great one! any rides at the top of your faves list or just whichever has shortest lines?

5:54pm   dman6448655

what? pika isn't fake at all! likes attention yes llanfabon. sure. but not fake at all. in fact pika might be the most legit gamer girl I know! craving attention is fine

5:55pm   Llanfabon

You should make one of those Korean mukbang channels. A friend of mine basically films himself eating food and talking to the camera. Currently has 117k subscribers.

5:57pm   pikachu

i wish...sigh... i don't have room to setup a camera to game, wish i knew someone who had a setup already and wanted a co-star. i will be the next Munn! that knows how to actually game!

5:58pm   dman6448655

oh yeah I have heard of those channels. the lets eats. yeah 117k is a lot of followers wow. if the dman was a HOTT girl I would totally be a social media celeb with lets plays and lets eats, haha

5:58pm   dman6448655

haha *random olivia munn burn* kinda like how American Dad likes to randomly burn Tucson, arizona

5:59pm   SysOp (host)

pika could have a youtube channel about gaming and eating!! that would be legit!!

5:59pm   The_hooded_one

You could try being a video games journalist. Its tough

6:00pm   Indy

@dman i got the max pass which let's me reserve a fast pass from my phone once i enter one of the parks. I do like the incredicoaster a lot though.

6:01pm   dman6448655

munn even admitted video games were a "weak point" for her, despite hosting attack of the show, haha

6:01pm   dman6448655

lucky indy, he just keeps livin the life this guy!

6:04pm   dman6448655

yeah Camille would be a great youtuber and gamer host. I would tell all my coworkers to watch her channel!! retro gaming is her specialty but she does it all. I alredy showed coworkers her insta feed and they were passing the phone around impresed

6:05pm   Llanfabon

I would probably like to make a YouTube Channel. But I've come to the conclusion that I'm too lazy/boring. lol

6:06pm   pikachu

really dman? they did?

6:08pm   SysOp (host)

my wife wants me to set up a youtube channel for the kids to play games. lol

6:09pm   Llanfabon

What song is this? It's kinda kewl

6:09pm   pikachu

if they get good, let them! they have years before they are 40 like me and start losing followers!

6:09pm   SysOp (host)

they love playing super mario 3d world on the wii u

6:10pm   dman6448655

oh yeah, Camille. this one nice guy next to me was like Oh my God! check out how thick that cut of bacon was!! Rovee, check this *starts passing my phone around* haha for serious. I was like "yeah she goes out to eat and always instas it" etc et

6:11pm   pikachu

*mile long grin adorns pikas face*

6:11pm   dman6448655

oh cute sysop my son also loves the 2d and 3d wii u marios and lately Mario odyssey too!! but yeah pika is WAY hotter than olivia munn (look at the pics of mun now especially = no Bueno)

6:14pm   dman6448655

haha grinch style pika?? love the huge grin on the grinch. but yeah olivia munn's last few years haven't been good to her. circa 2007 olivia munn, jowever, now that's a spicy meataball!

6:15pm   dman6448655

the good news is you don't need a great camera for youtube or twitch channels. since most people watching it on the small amount of pixels on their phones anyway. on a big tv it might look grainy but nobody watching it there.

6:15pm   meowski


6:15pm   The_hooded_one

You could try being a video games journalist. Its tough

6:16pm   SysOp (host)

i think most people make their videos on their cell phones anyway

6:16pm   meowski

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

6:16pm   The_hooded_one

Dang it i refreshed ma page. Thats a nono

6:18pm   pikachu

i would need phone stand so it dont shake

6:20pm   pikachu

now that i have both my nes mini and snes mini, i can play and review all the games! theres like 400 or so nes and sees games, right? id make about that many videos, no?

6:21pm   pikachu

they were both hacked and have all the games on them.

6:22pm   dman6448655

yeah phone tripod good idea. phone's cameras are good enough now you dont need a DSLR or anything. yeah pika 400 vids! 400 vids!!! give yourself tons of material to keep it going!

6:23pm   AberrantViso

or Let's Play series, 10+ vids for each game

6:24pm   SysOp (host)

you can have nick be yiour camera man when you are out doing food reviews

6:25pm   pikachu

he HATES that job already! I'm probably gonna have to hire someone. he always rolls his eyes, holds it, then says "can i eat now?"

6:27pm   dman6448655

lol nic should be more supportive of his future camera star wife! haha I can see his impatience now. but yeah Viso is right, reviews are 1 vid per game but a Lets Play can be many many episodes to get through a game

6:27pm   SysOp (host)

maybe you can start off doing videos with millie so you can get a feel for it first

6:28pm   AberrantViso

where's the pika merch @

6:28pm   AberrantViso

and "buy my merch" hit single

6:31pm   dman6448655

love the anamanaguchi track!!

6:32pm   Doctornurse89

Oh shit boi whatup

6:32pm   dman6448655

haha Viso, love the Jake Paul xmas track "buy that merch, buy that merch" haha. ...terrible

6:32pm   pikachu

i would like that. millie could be my stepping stone

6:32pm   The_hooded_one

That scott pilgrim game had some great tracks from them too!

6:34pm   AberrantViso


6:34pm   AberrantViso

Catch any Shiny Eevees this weekend?

6:35pm   dman6448655

yeah the scott pilgrim game ruled. and nice chrono trigger orchestral theme.

6:35pm   The_hooded_one

Pokemon go? Man that was a crazy time

6:35pm   pikachu


6:36pm   The_hooded_one

I never beat it tho.. Too hard. Too grindy sadly.

6:37pm   AberrantViso

I got 2. Bad IVs though :/

6:39pm   dman6448655

bayonetta tracks are always super high energy and well done.

6:40pm   Skatervans

Hey all, sorry for the lateness I took a nap after work and loss track of time

6:41pm   SysOp (host)


6:41pm   Skatervans

Haha can do!

6:42pm   dman6448655

haha boom sysop. good to see you skaters. hows things?

6:42pm   pikachu

hi svans!

6:42pm   dman6448655

skater and his gf hitting up any dope spots these days? or still saving the $$$ ?

6:43pm   Millie kentner

You’re free to use my channel as a launchpad, Pika! Once I have everything sorted out, the channel will be crisp and a perfect platform for you to get your start. Btw, this song is for you.

6:43pm   Skatervans

Hey pika happy birthday!

6:44pm   Millie kentner

Heyyyy Svans!

6:44pm   Skatervans

Sup dman and millie

6:44pm   dman6448655

wow 1983. send me an angel.

6:45pm   pikachu

thanks svans!

6:45pm   dman6448655

last 15 minutes, dudes! sorry dman so out of it. no time for pokeymanz go or too many movies or theme parks. dman works hard and plays hard gaming. mostly working tho haha

6:48pm   dman6448655


6:48pm   The_hooded_one


6:48pm   Skatervans

I've been saving up and working OT

6:48pm   The_hooded_one


6:50pm   dman6448655

that's part of the reason dman loves his gaming laptop im on now. MSI still has good I/O - 2 usb, 1 usb-c, ethernet, sd card, security hole, mini usb, headphone/mic, hdmi, printer and power

6:51pm   dman6448655

dang skater youre pulling all nighters are the tar of get?

6:53pm   dman6448655

ports are a thing of the past. kinda like spelling out house numbers with letters. ...get used to it baby, pretty soon we'll be spelling out everything with letters.

6:54pm   Skatervans

Yeah I've been working like a dog

6:56pm   dman6448655

working hard or hardly working? oh like a dog....err, right. haha. hope you get some rest soon skaters. I know the dman always trying to get more work too so I totally feel you

6:58pm   pikachu


7:00pm   dman6448655

that's all folks!

7:00pm   Skatervans

Later dudes

7:00pm   AberrantViso

Happy Birthday Pika

7:00pm   dman6448655

yeah this one's dedicated to you pika! oh are we outta time. oh my bad, haha

7:00pm   AberrantViso

Peace out everybody

7:00pm   Skatervans


7:00pm   dman6448655

happy 21st pika!!!

7:00pm   pikachu


7:01pm   Skatervans

Peace out



Na “Sunset of Puyo Puyo”
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Na “Sean & Oro's Stage”
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