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Sun Sep 2nd 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:51pm   SysOp (host)


4:56pm   pikachu


4:59pm   SysOp (host)

hi peeks

5:02pm   dman3234

dman in the house!!!

5:02pm   dman3234

dman was at 626 night market last night!!! looks like pika and nic were at dodgers game and indy was at a bday party

5:03pm   dman3234

more will come!!!! dman spent a few hours at mcdonalds today so my boy could play, but they have awesome FREE big macs and nuggets usc and ucla themed coupons (with any purchase )

5:04pm   LuckyBearJacques

Bam - great first track on a holiday weekend!

5:05pm   dman3234

agree amazing first track....dman might still go to work tomorrow tho. is optional but I get double pay if I do. I get the holiday pay regardless but can get another 8 hours working it.

5:06pm   pikachu

i have the app now too dman!

5:06pm   pikachu

yo sysop, any free weekends coming up for another video game music show breakfast?

5:06pm   dman3234

dang there was such a massive halo the master chief collection update for my xbox I have to move stuff to my external hd to make internal console room. haha. the sept games with gold are out too

5:06pm   dman3234

oh good call pika

5:07pm   dman3234

you gots tune in pro pika?? haha we're telling off color jokes and laughing as a group...come and join the fun bunch!

5:07pm   LuckyBearJacques

lol NICE, dman

5:08pm   LuckyBearJacques

how big are we talkin'?! id love to play that series again

5:09pm   pikachu

not that one, just the mcds app. they had that ucla discount for me too

5:10pm   dman3234

oh gotcha. yeah good call pika. I try to scan coupons in for fmailiies with kids esp. and if I notice they are ordering a lot I try to at least get them the $3 off of $10/15 purchase

5:13pm   dman3234

is anyone doing the Microsoft All Access offer?? you have to actually go into a mall Microsoft store for it tho.

5:15pm   dman3234

is anyone doing the Microsoft All Access offer?? you have to actually go into a mall Microsoft store for it tho.

5:15pm   dman3234

is anyone doing the Microsoft All Access offer?? you have to actually go into a mall Microsoft store for it tho.

5:16pm   dman3234

woah spinitron down there for a sec. sorry for the repeat posts. MAA is the $22 for xbox one S or $35 monthly for one X, includes 2 years of live gold and 2 years of game pass

5:16pm   SysOp (host)


5:17pm   dman3234

awesome brink of time remix

5:19pm   LuckyBearJacques

seriously - amazing remix

5:20pm   pikachu

thats joey from la puente

5:20pm   pikachu


5:21pm   LuckyBearJacques

dude - maybe something slow like dj pretzel's ocremix of marble zone, "love hurts"

5:24pm   dman3234

street of rage. nice. dman is excited but so many games so little time

5:25pm   dman3234

anyone gonna do that Microsoft offer? just curious since I think it a great deal. I have the first edition xbox one and still might get a One X

5:25pm   SysOp (host)

peeks, i was looking to do a brunch at vinces spaghetti with the vintage computer gaming group at the end of this month or beginning of next month on a sunday

5:27pm   LuckyBearJacques

wait - what's the MS offer? i have a 1st edition too ...

5:27pm   pikachu

set it up! after the bday cancellations, i need to build trust in the vgms chat peeps again

5:29pm   dman3234

ohhhhh vinces spaghetti, haha wheres that?

5:29pm   SysOp (host)


5:29pm   dman3234


5:29pm   that1bean

damn... I have been meaning to request this song for a long time..... but i always forget

5:29pm   LuckyBearJacques

:( I feel neglected. haha

5:30pm   dman3234

you own the console after the 2 years, not just renting it, plus the services you get with it. very cool, very cool

5:30pm   dman3234

looks like theres vinces spaghetti upland or rancho cuca. and the xbox all access is just for a limited time, in store only

5:32pm   Llanfabon

Sup guys! LiateList at the gym at the moment :)

5:32pm   BIG B

Yo first time in the chat! I wanted to request a song please! "zelda - saria's song hip-hop beat". Big fan of the show! Keep it up!!!

5:33pm   LuckyBearJacques

wow - that's ... different

5:33pm   SysOp (host)

big b, i'll see if i can get that on

5:35pm   pikachu

hey BigB, how bout a trivia question to initiate your arrival?

5:37pm   BIG B

bring it on

5:37pm   Llanfabon


5:37pm   pikachu

how many kids does Bowser have?

5:38pm   SysOp (host)


5:38pm   dman3234

oh nice, um 7

5:38pm   dman3234

yeah I was thinking 7 or 8

5:38pm   BIG B


5:38pm   dman3234

I played tons of smb3 growing up so I should really know this. hmm wonder if indy is at dizzzney tonight

5:39pm   BIG B

co-worker just told me it's 7 -_-

5:39pm   pikachu

Sysop got it. its 8. theres baby bowser, and iggy lemmy wendy morton ludwig roy and larry

5:39pm   dman3234

konami code rap. nice this is a new one to me

5:40pm   dman3234

dang baby bowser got me haha

5:40pm   BIG B

co-worker just told me it's 7 -_-

5:40pm   Llanfabon

I remember finding it many years ago. I thought it was the funniest thing ever

5:41pm   dman3234

dang its gonna take forever to reinstall the 74 gb halo master chief collection.

5:43pm   pikachu

how about another? how many coins do you need in any mario game to get a free man?

5:43pm   SysOp (host)


5:44pm   BIG B


5:44pm   dman3234


5:45pm   pikachu

Correct sysop. sorry B but you gotta be quick in this chat!

5:45pm   dman3234

anyone else watching Disenchanted on Netflix? from makers of the simpons and futurama. it decent,

5:45pm   Llanfabon

50 rings

5:46pm   Green Knight

100 coins for one man. But all I want is one princess.

5:46pm   dman3234

sorry dman in n out of the chat doing yard work, making my lunches for the week etc. I had my parents here yesterday for 626 night market. they thought it was overwhelmingly insane but too Asian lol. actually most people there weren't Asian

5:48pm   BIG B

watched a few episodes. It was surprisingly funny and fresh

5:50pm   pikachu

quiz: how many years was Link locked in the temple of light in Ocarina of time?

5:50pm   pikachu

quiz: how many years was Link locked in the temple of light in Ocarina of time?

5:51pm   Green Knight

100 years

5:51pm   Green Knight

Oh wait 7 years

5:51pm   Green Knight

Wrong game.

5:52pm   pikachu

which is it?

5:53pm   dman3234


5:53pm   dman3234

woo hoo double shout out for the dman

5:53pm   pikachu

7 or 100?

5:54pm   pikachu


5:54pm   Green Knight


5:54pm   Green Knight

Imagine old Link. Dentures of Link.

5:54pm   LuckyBearJacques

this place is brutal

5:55pm   dman3234

haha boom GK

5:55pm   pikachu


5:56pm   Green Knight

Little Sampson

5:56pm   LuckyBearJacques


5:56pm   LuckyBearJacques

DAMN IT. haha

5:57pm   pikachu


5:57pm   dman3234

oh yeah The Gaming Historian did an ep on that game. interesting stuff

5:58pm   SysOp (host)

i want to see pika play little sampson on her twitch/youtube channel :-)

5:58pm   stim


5:58pm   pikachu

I have it thanks to my hacked NES MINI. its really good, love the animation. haven't passed it yet tho

6:00pm   dman3234

yeah twitch/youtube channel!!! even millie is back making vids. he was anticipating some nummy Shenmue 3 and I see oliver got the Shenmue rerelease too

6:00pm   Green Knight

I'd get a PhD in gaming history if I could.

6:01pm   dman3234

haha good call GK. yeah I mostly watch Cinemassacre, or tech vids, but the gaming historian pretty good too. lots of technology news and podcasts for the dman. and video game music!

6:01pm   dman3234

I also like to record synthdactyl program when dia has it the last 2 sundays of every month 7-10, sweet synth and digital music etc

6:03pm   dman3234

Sysop, will we get 2 Halloween shows this year?? everyone get your requests ready now

6:03pm   SysOp (host)

dman, yes sir!!

6:04pm   dman3234

nice sonic mania track. the bells in the background remind me a bit of castlevania oddly haha

6:05pm   dman3234

thank you sir! very much appreciated!

6:06pm   dman3234

hmmm might be time for some fallout 4/chatting with you dudes. dman has too many games to play and too little time

6:06pm   Green Knight

I have this Lunar SSS complete game with CD.

6:08pm   stim

have a good night dman

6:08pm   dman3234

yeah GK that's a game I always wanted to play

6:09pm   dman3234

dang Shadow of the Tomb Raider due out in less than 2 weeks! I played the first game of this new reboot (lost Japanese island) but not the 2nd Siberia one

6:10pm   dman3234

wow great accordian cover haha. classic Zelda theme

6:13pm   dman3234

dun worry dman not leaving the chat, just distracted by gaming haha but now I just saw Slither.io is a free download today on xbox (from the Microsoft rewards app) and my son loves that game on his tablet!

6:13pm   SysOp (host)


6:13pm   dman3234

woo hoo!

6:13pm   pikachu

QUIZ whats the name of the imp girl Link hangs with in twilight princess?

6:16pm   dman3234

lemme check my 3 Zelda massive books haha!

6:18pm   dman3234

midna I believe

6:18pm   dman3234

midna, that's right

6:24pm   pikachu

dman gets pika points!

6:24pm   pikachu

dman gets pika points!

6:24pm   SysOp (host)


6:26pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes

6:26pm   dman3234

hey skater. spinitron been going in and out a lot today

6:27pm   pikachu

yo skater! we are planning spaghetti at vinces in ontario for brunch one of these sundays! request it off!

6:27pm   dman3234

woo hoo dman got pika pts!!! they are no where near as good as hanging with the real pika herself

6:27pm   dman3234

may dman join? I have a passion for vintage computing haha

6:28pm   pikachu

everyone invited!

6:28pm   dman3234

oh man DKR, that takes me back, the HTV theme was always a good one

6:28pm   Skatervans

Oh no what's wrong with the spinitron?

6:30pm   dman3234

being fuuuuunnnnkkaaaayy, …. as opposed to funky, that old spinitron, haha

6:30pm   Skatervans

Hey pika and dman, I will try but I only work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday now because I go to school during the week

6:31pm   Skatervans


6:32pm   Skatervans

I'm off the moon everybody

6:32pm   pikachu

ask for a late shift sundays then. rather you miss the show than the brunch! it will be in the am no doubt

6:32pm   dman3234

oh love the Moon!! didn't know the advantage did a version of it

6:32pm   dman3234

haha boom skater. oh man when does the skater have time for lauren then?? work and school? all work and no play make skater a dull boy lol

6:33pm   stim


6:33pm   Skatervans

Spaghetti in the morning? Heh I dig it!

6:34pm   dman3234

...spaghetti in the evening....spaghetti at supper time! haha reminds of simpons I Feel like Chicken Tonight, Like Chicken Tonight!

6:35pm   pikachu

brunch...i hope they have avocado toast!

6:35pm   Skatervans

Haha dman actually we are taking three classes together that work for both our majors heh

6:36pm   dman3234

oh dang lucky skater....always get lucky....freakin skater has all the luck! haha I never had any classes with my sig-Os

6:36pm   Green Knight

While I was digging trough some DS cases, I found an unopened copy of Metroid Fusion for the GBA. I also found the Nintendo Power issue that featured the game.

6:36pm   dman3234

haha but I thought only millennials liked avocado toast

6:36pm   Skatervans

How was the 626 night market guys?

6:36pm   dman3234

are they arts and digital production type classes?

6:37pm   pikachu

off the chain! its extended to 1pm tonight so if you haven't gone, GO!

6:37pm   dman3234

oh nice GK, dman has Metroid zero mission and fusion for the GBA, played through both of them. amazing. I also played some gba castlevania and own the ds castlevanias but didn't have time for all of em

6:39pm   dman3234

oh man this takes me back. dman prolly spent at least 100 hours on kirbys adventure on the nes back in the day. finding all those secret locales and stuff, good platformer if a tad easy in some levels

6:39pm   Skatervans

Yeah they are dman, we had to get a new Mac book pro laptop to use for school

6:40pm   dman3234

oh dang that's a spicy meataball of price skater. did you get the touch bar kind or no? I hear mixed reviews on the touch bar itself

6:41pm   pikachu

when me and indy went to see kirby dream band, they had a nintendo set up and i was playing this. they thought i was a speed runner cause i was flying through it!

6:41pm   dman3234

but otherwise, apple has finally bestowed a dark mode in MacOS Mojave at least hehe.

6:41pm   dman3234

haha that's why you need a twitch or youtube channel pika!!!!

6:43pm   pikachu

i can't the only day i could twitch are sat and sun, and thats when peeps will be out doing things! id get no viewers!

6:43pm   Skatervans

Yeah I heard the touch bar is just a pricey gimmick, so I got the one without it. It's space grey 13 inch with the retina display

6:44pm   Green Knight

I've been wanting to upload Lengend of Zelda vids to Youtube. Just don't have time.

6:45pm   dman3234

bah a …. attractive... gamer such as yourself would get views anytime!!! I was gonna use a stronger word there but I had to stay chat appropriate

6:45pm   dman3234

good call skater. people don't find it useful having to look down all the time. but I do see Acer with the trackpad now is basically a phone screen, and that's actually cool. an extra rectangular screen in your laptop trackpad more useful

6:46pm   Skatervans


6:46pm   Green Knight

Thanks dman. I try to be attractive. ^_^

6:47pm   dman3234

haha GK

6:48pm   Skatervans

Girl gamers on twitch always get the views

6:48pm   dman3234

yeah I played an old Tiger electronics handheld paperboy a lot back in the day

6:48pm   dman3234

yeah from dudes like skater and myself....I mean.....other, unattached guys who think they have a chance with a hot girl gamer. haha

6:49pm   dman3234

last 10 mins!

6:49pm   pikachu

i would need a setup too. a camera that faces me and the screen. i need a youtube expert to help me

6:50pm   Skatervans

I remember having the mighty morphing power rangers tiger electronic handheld games

6:50pm   dman3234

MK could help you out im assuming, he has high production value on his CH03

6:50pm   dman3234

hahah skater like that Robot Clown that morphs? ...guess no ones buying my cereal

6:51pm   dman3234

Transclownomorphs, transforming clowns that morph! And their human friend is YOU!

6:53pm   Skatervans

Bummerwave shows is almost over

6:53pm   dman3234

oh this CrossCode looks like a good old school action rpg, cool game

6:54pm   dman3234

hope you aren't too busy with work and school skater! im sure its hard to do hw having to work too. being a student is a tough balance, I had to work too

6:56pm   dman3234

last couple minutes

6:57pm   Skatervans

Yeah me too dman heh, but all my classes seem to be manageable

6:57pm   Green Knight


6:58pm   dman3234

bye dudes!

6:58pm   dman3234

good to hear skater, adios all

6:58pm   Skatervans

Later everyone

6:59pm   Skatervans

Have a good one peace!

6:59pm   dman3234

vinces spaghetti!!!



Na “Go Straight (Streets of Rage 2)”
composed by na
from Project X Zone 2 Brave New World (NA)



Na “Sakura Theme”
composed by na
from Street Fighter Alpha 2 (NA)



Na “Spark Mandrill Theme”
composed by na
from Megaman X (NA)



Na “The Brink of Time”
composed by na
from Chrono Trigger (NA)



Na “The Brink of Time”
composed by na
from Chrono Trigger (NA)



Na “Brazilian Rhyme”
composed by na
from Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style (NA)



Na “Instructor Mooselini-s RAP”
composed by na
from PaRappa the Rapper (NA)



Na “BGM”
composed by na
from Gyromite (NES) (NA)



Na “Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger”
composed by na
from Devil May Cry 5 (NA)



composed by na (NA)



Na “You-re My Number One”
composed by na
from Sonic R (NA)



Na “Slightly Orchestra Remix”
composed by na
from Monster World IV (NA)



Na “Ya Ha Haa”
composed by na
from Killer Instinct (NA)



Na “Guitar Cover”
composed by na
from Puzzle Swap Nintendo 3DS (NA)



Na “Sarutabaruta”
composed by na
from Final Fantasy XI (NA)



Na “Metallic Madness Zone Act 2”
composed by na
from Sonic Mania (NA)



Na “Luna-s Boat Song”
composed by na
from Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (NA)



Na “The Great Mighty Poo Song”
composed by na
from Conker-s Bad Fur Day (NA)



Na “Kakariko Village (LoZ_ ALttP) [accordion cover]”
composed by na (NA)



Na “Bandit Town Redux”
composed by na
from Shantae (NA)



Na “Game Demo”
composed by na
from The Legend of Zelda_ The Wind Waker (NA)



Na “Hot Top Volcano”
composed by na
from Diddy Kong Racing (NA)



The Advantage “Ducktails - Moon”
composed by The Advantage
from Elf-Titled (NA)



Na “Blaze Heatnix Stage”
composed by na
from Mega Man X6 (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by nes
from Kirby's Adventure (NA)



Na “BGM”
composed by na
from Paperboy - Atari arcade (NA)



Na “Cabin Fever”
composed by na
from Friday the 13th (NA)



Na “Gaia's Garden”
composed by na
from CrossCode (NA)



Na “God of War”
composed by na (NA)

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