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Sun Sep 9th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:56pm   SysOp (host)


4:57pm   Skatervans


4:58pm   dman6448655

3rd! sorry dman late, yard work sucky

4:59pm   Indy

Hey ya'll

4:59pm   Indy

dman, it can't be that bad. I really like yard work simulator

4:59pm   AberrantViso


5:00pm   Llanfabon


5:00pm   Skatervans

Hey dudes

5:01pm   Skatervans

Hahaha Indy

5:01pm   dman6448655

haha boom. yeah I constantly find some weeds, put my tools away, find some more, get tools back out again, etc etc. the lesson is: get a condo haha

5:02pm   dman6448655

dman sadly has not enough ton for his family and his humble bundle hahaha

5:03pm   Llanfabon

True dat. You know, Orchard is going out of business. Perhaps you can pick up some good garden stuff.

5:05pm   Green Knight

Speaking of work simulators, Papers Please reminds me of my job. Keen attetioin to detail and new requirements.

5:05pm   dman6448655

yeah OSH going out of business is no funsies. dman's problem is just time. I gots no time!

5:06pm   dman6448655

but by getting up at 4:30am every day for years at least I can watch a Netflix ep of something before I leave for work. so I did finish the first 10 eps of Disenchantment this week

5:06pm   Skatervans

Sonic BOOM!!!!

5:07pm   dman6448655

and I gotta choose this month in humble bundle: Sniper Elite 4, Staxel, and Tales of Berseria or Rise of the Tomb Raider. frankly might get the 3 even tho Ive been wanting to play that TR cause it might go free on xbox live gold

5:07pm   dman6448655

boom, literally, haha nice one skaters

5:08pm   Llanfabon

Green Kinght, you're the first person to ever bring up Papers Please. I showed it to my coworkers and they complained, "nah I'd never play that. The graphics suck!"

5:08pm   Llanfabon

Yet they think the concept is cool. Dumb dumbs...

5:08pm   Skatervans

Elfo is my favorite character from Disenchantment

5:09pm   Llanfabon

Lol this song is both serious and silly.

5:10pm   Skatervans

I can't wait for smash ultimate to come out! I'm def going to play that forever

5:12pm   dman6448655

oh yeah that's going on the dman wishlist!! Smash and Octopath traveler might be my most wanted switch games

5:13pm   Llanfabon

Lol, I've only heard of Octopath from VGDunkey. He crapped all over that game. lol

5:13pm   dman6448655

anyone go to Disney lately? how about Taste of LA (yesterday at Santa Anita, same venue as 626 night market)?

5:15pm   Indy

yah dman, i went to disney yesterday. They got all the halloween decor up now

5:16pm   Llanfabon

I went there the other day for a company event. We were at this cool bowling place

5:21pm   Indy

Oh yeah the splitsville bowling. i've been there once. Wish they had pool tables. Sad to see the ESPN zoneand AMC are gone from there now :-/

5:22pm   dman6448655

right on indy, you know they just keep starting Fall earlier and earlier haha

5:22pm   dman6448655

yeah I saw downtown Disney undergoing a lot of changes. but in good news, back in august starbucks already got the pumpkin spice latte back in stock. that's not jumping the gun a bit or anything

5:24pm   dman6448655

dman never even watches sports anymore. not since world cup. I see bears packers on sunday night football but I no have time to watch any baseball or foosball

5:25pm   Indy

do you like football? do you like nachos? how would you like to come to my place to watch football and eat nachos?

5:26pm   Skatervans

What they close the AMC in downtown Disney? The last movie I saw there was Ready Player One

5:27pm   Indy

Yeah svans, AMC is gone from there. last movie i saw there was Han Solo movie

5:28pm   dman6448655

nice, the October teaser humble bundle game is Overwatch. that's good for the dman right there. never saw Ready Player One, hope it was decent

5:30pm   Skatervans

I like nachos heh

5:30pm   dman6448655

im already looking forward to double Halloween shows!!

5:33pm   Indy

where's YER? Where's Pikachu?

5:33pm   Skatervans

Me too dman

5:33pm   dman6448655

wow we already had a tie game haha. terrible weather in Cleveland and the steelers and browns couldn't do anything in OT. tie 21-21

5:33pm   Skatervans

Where's waldo?

5:34pm   dman6448655

I LOVE nachos

5:35pm   Indy


5:35pm   dman6448655

lol Mr. Duh

5:36pm   dman6448655

nice one indy, haha never noticed the license plate before

5:37pm   dman6448655

dang Ken has one rocking theme!!! we got a lot of rocking tracks this vgms!! the only that can top it is two Halloween shows, wooo!

5:37pm   Indy

LOL i hadn't noticed that before either

5:40pm   dman6448655

anyone taking advantage of mcdonalds coupons? in their app all sept long they have buy anything with mobile order and get free fries, though you might have to use apple/android pay too

5:40pm   dman6448655

yeah my wife laughed at Mr. Duh too

5:44pm   dman6448655

check out the The Verge's movie guide to fall too. they got a separate preview page for Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec movies https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/7/17830840/fall-movie-preview-december-2018-aquaman-bumblebee-into-the-spider-verse-mary-poppins-r

5:46pm   Indy

dman, when Peeks drove us to El Cid in LA for the video game cover bands, she used that mcdonalds app and got the fries :-D

5:46pm   dman6448655

good call pika.

5:46pm   Indy

don't forget The Predator movie coming out this week

5:47pm   dman6448655

Aberrant Viso was just saying he hasn't been to any Cons lately. I wonder if any coming up....Retro City at the fairplex in January is all I can think of

5:50pm   dman6448655

hmm methinks time to download Overwatch as my October early release reward :)

5:53pm   Skatervans

Mmmm mcd fries, I love the Sprite tropic berry blast

5:56pm   sweep the leg

Win lose no matter. You prove point

5:56pm   dman6448655

yeah the tropic berry sprite is good. hmm does Blizzard always do this? snub steam for their now Blizzardbattlenet account? I got overwatch working but just easier if everything thru steam

5:56pm   sweep the leg


5:56pm   SysOp (host)

what point?? that i can take a beating??

5:57pm   Indy

yeah blizzard titles have their own launcher

5:58pm   sweep the leg

Lol great to be back

5:58pm   Skatervans

Sweeps!!!! How's it going dude? Long time no chat

5:59pm   dman6448655

haha hes back with the karate kid references. ah thanks indy, me feel dumb as a console gamer primarily

6:00pm   sweep the leg

I've been good, Mr. Lawrence. I've been busy running cobra kai. Teaching that mercy is for the weak you know, stuff like that

6:01pm   sweep the leg

Defeat doesn't exist in my dojo, so yeah

6:02pm   Skatervans

Hahaha sweeps, right now

6:02pm   Skatervans

My request!!!

6:02pm   dman6448655

oh cool yeah im digging this spidey theme, skater!

6:03pm   Skatervans

I played the heck out of this game on my play station!

6:04pm   sweep the leg

Would it be too much to request some karate kid nes? The tune Daniel in Okinawa to be exact

6:04pm   Skatervans

So many rad cheat codes

6:05pm   Skatervans

If only I had the new Spiderman on the ps4,

6:06pm   dman6448655

yeah that looked pretty good

6:06pm   Skatervans

I'll probably wait until Black Friday to get it

6:09pm   dman6448655

woo overwatch is downloading and imma get the free first 13 levels of diablo 3 free next

6:10pm   dman6448655

oh yeah I wanna know everyones Black Friday wishlists: the dmans (in order) 4K HDR tv, ps4 pro and im thinking I need a record player and better coffee/espresso machine at some point

6:13pm   SysOp (host)

i got a TCL 65" 4K tv a few months ago. its pretty nice

6:13pm   Skatervans

I wanna get a psvr set and some games

6:14pm   sweep the leg

First time you first time me

6:15pm   dman6448655

oh man you make-a me jealous sysop! hahah

6:15pm   dman6448655

yeah I do/did want an oculus rift but those things keep getting better and better. I will have to jump into the VR game eventually tho. drones too haha

6:16pm   dman6448655

wow bears are dominating here so far at Lambeau. packers not getting much done on offense at all despite the home crowd

6:20pm   Skatervans

It's me sysop!

6:22pm   sweep the leg

Ah ma she buried Judy in a second

6:22pm   Weensome

love the show as always!

6:22pm   sweep the leg


6:22pm   SysOp (host)

thanks, ween!!

6:23pm   dman6448655

woo duck tales,. love the moon track

6:24pm   dman6448655

any must haves on PSVR for you skater?

6:25pm   Skatervans

Yeah I wanna get firewall! It looks so rad!

6:25pm   Skatervans

And Rick and Morty VR too

6:25pm   dman6448655

I have yet to try the PSVR actually despite enjoying both the oculus rift and htc vive. I think I tried them at micorsoft stores which I should visit again to pay $35 monthly for the One X :D

6:25pm   dman6448655

oh man Rogers carted off for the packers. he took a knee to the head going down on a sack.

6:26pm   Skatervans

Ween! Are you an ocean man?

6:28pm   dman6448655

oh man packers were gonna get on the board and a strip sack ends that

6:33pm   Weensome

Ocean man?

6:34pm   Weensome

Oh, haha just a coincidence

6:40pm   dman6448655

we've had a great set. oh man crazy man touchdown bears

6:42pm   dman6448655

wow the packers offensive line couldn't even handle a 3 man rush. ouch. 17-0 bears.

6:45pm   dman6448655

oh big tech news this week too. apple event 9/12 but Microsoft and google both will be in NYC in early October 10/2 and 10/9 for surface and pixel updates

6:50pm   Skatervans

Oh cool I'll be in NYC during that time

6:51pm   dman6448655

last 10 minutes!!! oh nice you should hit those up skater. make up a fake press pass badge. now THATS fake news. haha

6:53pm   sweep the leg


6:53pm   dman6448655

really great set. too bad if I get a new iPhone or any phone soon I can keep tune in pro but not the downloads. they are unique to the device you download them on

6:54pm   Skatervans

Haha fake newz

6:55pm   dman6448655

super MadNES rules!!! loved them. love the castlevania medlies too

6:55pm   Skatervans

This rules!!

6:57pm   dman6448655

uh ohs!

6:58pm   dman6448655

dang winamp. haha but I loves that track

6:58pm   Skatervans


6:58pm   dman6448655

all righty at least this track good too. great one to go out on

6:58pm   Skatervans

This is dope!

6:59pm   Skatervans

Have a good one guys, later all

7:01pm   dman6448655

bye dudes!



Na “Blaze Heatnix Stage Magma Area”
composed by na
from Mega Man X6 (NA)



Na “Guile Stage”
composed by NA
from Street Fighter II Turbo (NA)



Na “Go K.K Rider! (Animal Crossing)”
composed by na
from Super Smash Bros. Wii U (NA)



Na “Revolve (R Mix)”
composed by na
from Hacknet (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from POW (NA)



Na “Ken's Theme”
composed by na
from Street Fighter Assassin's Fist (NA)



Na “The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah”
composed by na
from Final Fantasy XI RotZ (NA)



Na “Theme of the Hard-Boiled Heavies”
composed by na
from Sonic Mania (NA)



composed by na
from Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (NA)



NEC “retro block”
composed by Turbo Grafx-16
from China Warrior (NA)



Na “Green Hills and Blue Blurs”
composed by na
from Sonic the Hedgehog (NA)



Na “Spider Man Theme Song”
composed by na
from Awesome Video Game Music 268 Spider Man (NA)



Na “Rip Entry (Wet Floor)”
composed by na
from Splatoon 2 (NA)



Na “Club Afterlife”
composed by na
from Mass Effect 2 (NA)



Na “Battle Theme #3 (Move Forward Fearlessly)”
composed by na
from Dragon Ball Z_ Budokai 1 (NA)



Na “I Wanna Take You for a Ride”
composed by na
from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Duck Tales (NA)



Na “Simple and Clean”
composed by na
from Kingdom Hearts (NA)



Na “Introduction ~ Main Theme”
composed by na
from Bubble Bobble (Arcade) (NA)



Na “Stage Boss”
composed by na
from Gradius V (NA)



Na “Day 1 Terraport, Day 6 Bamboo Mill”
composed by na
from Vectorman (NA)



Na “Boss Battle 01”
composed by na
from 1943 - The Battle of Midway (NES) (NA)



Na “Overworld”
composed by na
from Yoshi's New Island (NA)



Na “BGM”
composed by na
from Savage (Amiga Computer) (NA)



Super MadNES “Mad Forest [Castlevania III]”
composed by Super MadNES
from Gothic Warriors (NA)



Teenburger “Three Bucks In Quarters”
composed by Teenburger
from Burgertime CD Album (NA 2011)



Na “BGM - Jive Bot”
composed by na
from Mighty Switch Force (NA)

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