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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Oct 7th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: pacific

Playlist chat
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4:49pm   SysOp (host)


4:51pm   AberrantViso


4:52pm   pikachu


4:52pm   pikachu

im so pissed about earlier! why the F would people do a public invite for a pokemon go event and then call it off when a person shows up? W T F!

4:53pm   AberrantViso


4:58pm   AberrantViso

Did you hatch all them regionals?

4:59pm   pikachu

all but Farfetchd, but i got lots of him that one day he was in town for that event so, yeah

4:59pm   AberrantViso


5:00pm   dman6448655


5:00pm   AberrantViso

someones got the giggles

5:00pm   dman6448655

boo urns, pika, boo urns

5:01pm   dman6448655

also boo urns to yard work, dman hates the feeling of racing to get done by 5pm every single weekend. it gets old real fast. esp when no one cares about the yard including me

5:05pm   Samesung

Will you please play something from the game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Please and thank you!!

5:06pm   dman6448655

haha samesung. good handle. tho you might want to post on fb or email for requests

5:07pm   Samesung

Will you please play something from the game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Please and thank you!!

5:08pm   Samesung

Will you please play something from the game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Please and thank you!!

5:08pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

My good lad, would it be too troubling to play an enlightening track from the classic NES game called Anticipation?

5:10pm   dman6448655

oh that's right, we got Google event this week! the pixel 3 should launch and likely the pixel slate as well. maybe new chromebooks and I think a new chromecast leaked too

5:10pm   Samesung

Will you please play something from the game Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Please and thank you!!

5:11pm   Samesung

Sorry for the repeat posts! I’m not sure why they are happening! Thanks for the suggestion dman6448665.

5:13pm   pikachu

its repeating because you are hititng refresh. just type something different and it will refresh

5:13pm   dman6448655

yeah it happens if you refresh

5:13pm   dman6448655

I close and reopen the window, or post something myself which will refresh the chat.

5:13pm   pikachu

so everyone has the date for Sysops next live set, right?

5:14pm   SysOp (host)

ok, got the kirby request

5:16pm   pikachu


5:16pm   SysOp (host)

my live set at the press in claremont is 11/18 at 9pm

5:20pm   dman6448655

oh thanks for the info. I didn't know we had a set time yet hehehe

5:20pm   dman6448655

sunday night it appears, cool. dman may be able to make it. I dunno about aberrant viso as his work moving locations

5:21pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

Please play tracks from the NES game called Anticipation. I love you like satin.

5:21pm   dman6448655

ah yeah dman played a lot of Battle of Olympus back in the day

5:23pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

Sysop, Pippi Longstocking vs Punky Brewster Who wins?

5:24pm   pikachu


5:25pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

I say Pippi too.

5:26pm   pikachu

So Lost Levels at the packing house is having its opening this coming weekend! i will be there on monday during my lunch hour to play arcade games!

5:27pm   dman6448655

dang my recording on tune in pro app got interrupted. I think the dumb app prompting you to rate it interrupts the stream. lame because I cant keep the recording to a single 2 hour file for tonight if it hiccups like that

5:27pm   dman6448655

ah that cool pika. thats what soft openings are for! haha I know they said they open for real end of the month

5:28pm   phubans

I just had to drop in to say thanks so much for doing my request of this Battle of Olympus we're listening to right now :)

5:29pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

Sysop never does my request. I've been trying for 8 years and 14 days almost.

5:30pm   dman6448655

8years? you mean months? haha. gotta get em in early. the show is way more popular than it used to be back in the day

5:31pm   pikachu

try putting it in the Facebook around noon the day of the show and if possible, attach a link to make it easier for him Timmy

5:32pm   SysOp (host)

pippi > punky

5:37pm   pikachu

why isn't anyone having a costume party this year!?

5:39pm   pikachu


5:39pm   SysOp (host)


5:39pm   phubans

argh i LOVE this castlevania is so good

5:39pm   dman6448655

supermadNES castlevania medley!!!!

5:41pm   LbJ

Great tune! Ninja Gaiden 2 retro block plssss ❤️????

5:41pm   dman6448655

love the castlevania music. haha yeah agree phubans. haha sysop. I would love to see the pika house one day

5:41pm   LbJ

Also, GO DODGERS! :)

5:42pm   dman6448655

yeah I wonder if anyone from work will be in costume. I bet I will see a few in downtown LA but not many

5:42pm   SysOp (host)

LbJ, the retro blocks are filled for tonight. i'll play one track from NG

5:43pm   LbJ

Also, GO DODGERS! :)

5:44pm   LbJ

Thank you!

5:44pm   dman6448655

oh my son loves this pacman remix!!!

5:45pm   LbJ

Thank you!

5:52pm   Indy

Evening ya'll. Peeks, I'm going to a masquerade party near the end of the month for one of my friend's 30th bday. does that count as a costume party?

5:52pm   phubans

Ah no, I requested the Battle of Olympus on my FB page, not sure who requested this next block.

5:53pm   dman6448655

oh cool indy. it's good to have friends

5:53pm   Indy

well there will be masks, it be easy for an enemy to blend in

5:53pm   Timmy Twidelington Jr

Thanks Sysop. You make milk taste good in cereal.

5:54pm   SysOp (host)

its what i do!

5:54pm   dman6448655

we got cowboys Texans on sunday night football going to the 2nd quarter. and looks like Brewers have swept the Rockies and dodgers-braves in action right now. but braves up 5-0 early

5:55pm   phubans

Whoa, that sound sounded like it was from Marble Madness.

5:55pm   phubans

This is also giving me some Wizards & Warriors vibes for some reason...

5:55pm   SysOp (host)

i did play the battle of olympus block today

5:58pm   dman6448655

haha its what I do. anyone planning on getting the pixel 3?

5:58pm   pikachu

only if masquerade means not just face but whole body

5:58pm   phubans

Yeah, I heard! That's why I came to the chat to say thanks for doing that :)

5:59pm   dman6448655

and don't forget in addition to the Tuesday made by Google event, we have the Samsung 4x the fun event on Thursday as well. 4 lenses/cameras on a phone?

5:59pm   pikachu

awww! the past!

5:59pm   phubans

AHHH beautiful!! A piano version of Wind Scene... :')

6:00pm   phubans

This might be my favorite piece from Chrono Trigger... The nostalgia is too much!!

6:00pm   Indy

@ Peeks, it must be all black attire, but the mask does not need to be black. Also there's Oktoberfest which I've never been and should be getting an outfit for that

6:01pm   pikachu

oktoberfest is just regular attire, you don't dress up for that... unless you want the lower class people to jump you for your clothes

6:01pm   dman6448655

yeah great piano piece right there

6:02pm   pikachu

SYSOP!! how are you enjoying OKAMI?

6:03pm   SysOp (host)

all the reviews says its an easy game but i keep getting stuck lol

6:03pm   pikachu

a friend of mine on insta just did a live video of him eating the now extinct cheese balls! they are bringing them back?!

6:03pm   pikachu

ask me for help! i know everything!

6:04pm   SysOp (host)

i dont know how to fix the well. i forgot what the name of the town is called

6:06pm   LbJ

Okami is soooo pretty

6:06pm   dman6448655

dman is mostly playing fallout 4 and cuphead these days. beat the mermaid boss in cuphead

6:06pm   pikachu

Kusa village? what was the last brush god you got? that will help

6:06pm   LbJ

I had it on wii and never played it - now on switch and I’m so enamored by the art direction

6:07pm   dman6448655

oh yeah speaking of pika, did anyone go to Oktoberfest at the fairplex, or any other Oktoberfest? dman was out and about this weekend

6:07pm   dman6448655

on Friday I was killing time at the Broad Museum in downtown LA before I went to the Bootleg theater for the Nani/Kim and the Created/Shonen Knife show. shonen knife was very cute and very cool!

6:07pm   pikachu

oh wait, do you mean Sei-An city? how to make the water fill the aqueducts?

6:08pm   SysOp (host)

lol i dont remember. i'll have to take a pic and show you where i stand

6:08pm   pikachu

DMAN, i wanted to go to Pomona this year but our friends that have kids every other weekend have them on weekends we can't go so not this year =(

6:08pm   SysOp (host)

theres a well thats broken. cant figure out how to fix it

6:10pm   pikachu

i have a feeling its there. send me a pic when you get home

6:10pm   phubans

ACTRAISER!!!!! So. Many. Amazing. Tracks. Today!!

6:10pm   pikachu


6:10pm   phubans

8-bit mix, too... Perfect for what I'm working on right now.

6:11pm   LbJ

ActRaiser! Brilliant game!!

6:14pm   pikachu

i wanna kiss the person who requested this!

6:14pm   phubans

This remix is astonishing...

6:14pm   dman6448655

nice actraiser trac. ah boo peeks. but theres drinkin to be had! haha

6:15pm   pikachu

i miss the arnold schwartzenegger commercial

6:15pm   phubans

Hey, my friend worked on this game :o

6:16pm   SysOp (host)

the arnold drops got deleted for some reason

6:18pm   dman6448655

this is lonesome stuff right here, lonesome stuff. interesting hotline Miami track

6:19pm   dman6448655

also, when are the next 10 eps of Disenchantment coming? dman kinda forgot about the venture bros coming back this summer, I should catch up on the adult swim app but now simpsons, fam g, and bobs burgers going too

6:20pm   phubans

I love this broadcast but damn it makes me realize I'm old, lol

6:21pm   AberrantViso

yeah...old timers

6:22pm   pikachu

i hear assistants!

6:24pm   dman6448655

haha yeah the assistants are still youngins

6:25pm   phubans

Timeless... Speaking of Zelda 1, check out this awesome ornament I found last night: https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/the-legend-of-zelda-link-ornament-with-sound-1799QXI2886.html

6:27pm   dman6448655

cool ornament. oh yeah New York comic con was 10/3-6 so skatervans should be heading back to La

6:28pm   Neftalicious

hello everyone

6:28pm   dman6448655

hope skai had a good time in new orleans and skater equally so in new York!

6:29pm   phubans

The game over music in Zelda 1 used to scare me as a little kid :S

6:30pm   phubans

Anyways, I gotta get going but thanks so much for the amazing show as always! Peace out everybody :)

6:31pm   AberrantViso


6:31pm   pikachu

Neffie! happy bday from the one and only PIKA!!!

6:31pm   dman6448655

peace out dude

6:31pm   pikachu

Nef, your bomb exploding video of planet planet is my fave ever!

6:32pm   dman6448655

great retro block. I played more than few hours of Zelda back in the day. dunno if I ever beat it but then played it again on my 3ds

6:35pm   Neftalicious

Aha thanks Pikcahu

6:37pm   pikachu

Brandon Quintana said i could be in one of his video game music vids. I'm just waiting for my 15 mins of fame

6:37pm   dman6448655

I still haven't had a chance to play breath of the wild! I use my xbox more but now I want the one x tomb raider bundle they just announced! haha I needs to use the switch more

6:37pm   dman6448655

dang pika as a video vixen?

6:38pm   Neftalicious

hell yeah that will that. Brandon said I can be in one too. I'm still waiting for that phone call though haha

6:39pm   Neftalicious

that will be cool*

6:39pm   pikachu

hurry i need to be on the air before i turn 40 next year!

6:41pm   dman6448655

woo Mario kart 64 took a lot of the dman;s time as an adolescent too haha

6:42pm   Neftalicious

aha okay, I'll get Brandon to get us on there soon.

6:42pm   dman6448655

love anything from jet set radio too!!! it was awesome when sega put all their classic stuff on spotify I would listen to the JSR/JSRF stuff constantly! this track is a fun one

6:43pm   dman6448655

Texans keep getting stopped just short of the goal line and are only up 10-6 at the half when they could be up a lot more

6:43pm   Neftalicious

I was out having dinner and I missed my request =(

6:46pm   pikachu


6:46pm   dman6448655

ah boo urns

6:46pm   dman6448655

haha Kirby does rule. Kirby rulez indeed

6:46pm   pikachu

grape garden!

6:47pm   dman6448655

played a lot of the NES Kirby but not much of any other Kirby game. I actually do own Kirby star allies for switch too

6:47pm   dman6448655

geez it's possible Kirby on NES was first game I ever beat too. at least very well could be. I definitely beat it and it might be the first :)

6:48pm   Neftalicious

I was out having dinner and I missed my request =(

6:49pm   Neftalicious

sorry didn't mean to resend that.

6:51pm   pikachu

if you hit refresh, it does that. just write something new and it will!

6:53pm   Neftalicious

got it. I've never played any of the kingdom heart games. Any recommendations on which to start with?

6:53pm   dman6448655

great set sysop! last 5 mins! everyone come to the Press for 11/18 live sysop set!

6:55pm   Indy

i've only played the first kingdom hearts on the ps2. proud to say that i found all the dalmatians hehe

6:56pm   dman6448655

and again don't forgot made by google and Samsung 4x the fun events this week! we should see some cool tech. likely an end of October ipad/mac/accessories Apple event too

6:57pm   dman6448655

playing OoT eponas song used to get stuck in my head all the time. classic

6:59pm   dman6448655

and that's all folks!



Na “When You-re Gone”
composed by na
from Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Konami Original Game Soundtrack) (NA)



Na “Emperor Ing Battle”
composed by na
from Metroid Prime 2_ Echoes (NA)



Na “Valak Mountain & Night”
composed by na
from Xenoblade Chronicles (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Battle of Olympus (NA)



Na “Main Theme”
composed by na
from Dead Nation (NA)



Super MadNES “Beginning [Castlevania III]”
composed by na
from Gothic Warriors (NA)



Na “Weird Dreams (2015 Dark Mix IGP)”
composed by na



Aphex Twin “Pac-Man (Original Mix AKA Original Full Version)”
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from Power Pill (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Anticipation (NA)



Na “600 AD Piano Solo”
composed by na
from Chrono Trigger (NA)



Na “The Final Lesson”
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from Marvel-s Spider-Man 2018 PS4 (NA)



Na “Saves the Day”
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Na “Flight in the Dark (Twilight Airport)”
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from Sega Super GT (NA)



Na “Fillmore (8-bit Remix)”
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Na “Horse Steppin”
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from Hotline Miami (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Legend of Zelda (NA)



Na “Hateno Village - Day”
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from The Legend of Zelda_ Breath of the Wild (NA)



Na “Vergil Battle 2”
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from Devil May Cry 3 (NA)



Na “Select”
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Na “Funky Dealer”
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Na “8-bit kirby”
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Na “Grape Garden (with Intro)”
composed by na
from Kirby - Nightmare in Dreamland (NA)



Na “title them”
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from Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (NA)



Na ““Don’t Think Twice””
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Na “Miror B. Battle (Alternate Version)”
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from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (NA)



Na “Epona's Song (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)”
composed by na
from Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 3: Luigi B-Side Music (NA)

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