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Video Game Music Show with your host, Sysop.

Sun Nov 25th 2018 5.00pm–7.00pm

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4:48pm   SysOp (host)


4:51pm   pikachu


4:57pm   SysOp (host)


4:57pm   pikachu

seems kinda lonely in here...they must be black friday shopping still. i finished my christmas shopping last week

4:57pm   pikachu

Sysop, so did you eat ALOT on thurs?

4:58pm   dman6448655

yeah dman pigged out on tamales, marshmallow topped yams and pumpkin pie on the turkey day

4:58pm   dman6448655

sorry I wasn't early pika. doing yard work....booo haha

4:59pm   SysOp (host)

ooooohhhhh yyyeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

4:59pm   dman6448655

ready and reporting for video game recording duty!!! hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and lots to be thankful for!

5:00pm   dman6448655

how was everyone's holiday?

5:00pm   pikachu

i had 2 thanksgivings. a friends on thurs, with fried turkey and my house on fri with traditional turkey...both had multiple trips back for more.

5:01pm   pikachu

plenty of m&m cookies and apple turnovers gave their lives so i could enjoy my holiday appropriately

5:03pm   dman6448655

double thanksgivings is the best pika! dman also just got nummy pumpkin cake roll with sour cream frosting from aldi and very good. starbucks egg nog latte too!

5:03pm   dman6448655

sorry I missed last sunday! dman wanted to be there but I get up so freakin early for workee

5:04pm   dman6448655

Anyone doing black Friday shopping??? dman already had some stuff from target come and more to arrive

5:05pm   pikachu

all my black friday deals were all done online in the safety of my room

5:05pm   AberrantViso


5:05pm   Eddie musnster

Can I request final fight arcade theme song ?

5:06pm   Eddie musnster

I worked Black Friday and it sucked !!!

5:06pm   dman6448655

hope Viso had a good thanksigiving. I should also mention my fam did a fun bbq yesterday. post thanksgiving cook outs are the best! haha

5:07pm   InsaneDarkness

Connection was being a wad, so I was a bit late on my request.

5:07pm   SysOp (host)

theres two tracks from FF9. 26 - Melodies of Life - The Layers of Harmony and 22 - Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy

5:07pm   pikachu

Viso, im afraid to ask, were you careful while eating to keep up with your physique? or did you go nuts?

5:07pm   InsaneDarkness

This is what it was, the specific version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z86vMDu5tv8

5:08pm   SysOp (host)

cant open YT links here

5:09pm   dman6448655

yeah tribute to Stan the man Lee!! thanks to whoever requested this!

5:09pm   Eddie musnster

Spooder man !!!

5:09pm   InsaneDarkness

can u copy and paste it?

5:10pm   AberrantViso

I went nuts Pika. Going to have to do extra time at the gym to make up for it. Hoping to end the year with 70 lbs lost. Was around 67 last week

5:10pm   InsaneDarkness

I'm instantly reminded of AVGN's Spider-Man games review... Spider-Man, Spider-Man, takes a dump in a coffee can...

5:11pm   pikachu

do it. i went...moderately...crazy. more sugar crazy than carb crazy. but the scale didn't budge, which is good. going back to clean eating next week. gotta lose before the doctor visit. i want her to be proud of me

5:11pm   dman6448655

great EW&F cover so dancey!

5:12pm   dman6448655

that's still pretty amazing viso. sorry the hard cider we did prollly didn't help since that's got decent amount of calories but was very yummy

5:13pm   SysOp (host)

pika, did you see what i wrote?

5:13pm   AberrantViso

yeah me too, next doc visit is in Feb for me.

5:13pm   InsaneDarkness

I wonder if anyone's tried copying and pasting that link I posted...

5:14pm   pikachu

22 sorry I'm gaming as I'm listening

5:15pm   AberrantViso

not since the Rick Roll incident of '07. Lost a lot of good soldiers back then.

5:15pm   dman6448655

haha love AVGN, insanedarkness

5:15pm   dman6448655

spiderman: "everybody gets one. tell 'em peter" Peter: "um yeah, apparently everybody gets one"

5:16pm   Eddie musnster

What are you playing pikachu?

5:16pm   pikachu


5:16pm   InsaneDarkness

Oh gods, the Rick Rolls...

5:16pm   pikachu

Lets go EEVEE! I'm looking for shiny. only got one so far

5:17pm   dman6448655

haha rick roll incident of 07

5:17pm   InsaneDarkness

Hey dman, what's your favorite episode of AVGN?

5:17pm   AberrantViso

Pikachu got...Lets Go Eevee....

5:18pm   AberrantViso

I got Lets Go Pikachu if you wanna trade. I'm way behind though. Too many games on the backlog

5:18pm   AberrantViso

So don't have anything to offer right now lol

5:19pm   dman6448655

oh that's a tough call. honestly I love when he does whole console eps. like the sega cd 32x. "it's like puking on a pile of sh*t" haha

5:20pm   InsaneDarkness

Have you seen his episode on the Amiga CD32? One of the games was featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2012 under Gaming Fail!

5:21pm   InsaneDarkness

Surf Ninjas was the game.

5:21pm   pikachu

i got EEVEE...its cause i want to be excited when i open Pikachu for christmas!

5:21pm   dman6448655

haha gamer fail. yeah I did see the amiga cd32. had never even heard of that console before. eagerly awaiting part 2. the ghettoness of the Kang Fu game is legendary haha

5:22pm   dman6448655

their Cinemassacre Rental Review of Surf Ninjas was pretty funny too. "come on down! our friendly staff can help you find what youre looking for....even if it sucks!" "now open in the Voorhees memorial shopping center next to Caldor" haha

5:23pm   InsaneDarkness

Kang Fu reminds me a lot of Hong Kong '97...

5:23pm   AberrantViso

ah, gotcha

5:24pm   dman6448655

haha hong kong 97, sysop was tricked a time or two into playing the insanely short looping track from that too

5:24pm   InsaneDarkness

One comment even called it Australia '97...

5:25pm   InsaneDarkness

Kang Fu, that is...

5:25pm   dman6448655

great pick for consoles sysop. I believe it was known as the PC engine in japan, haha

5:25pm   InsaneDarkness

Wait, SysOp legit played the Hong Kong '97 music?

5:26pm   Dark Omega

Sorry I'm late. I had some errands to run.

5:29pm   Cheeseburger Von Brineson

Sysop, did you have Bear again for Thanksgiving?

5:29pm   SysOp (host)

it felt like i ate a bear, yes lol

5:30pm   Cheeseburger Von Brineson

I would like to hear tracks from Bayou Billy.

5:30pm   dman6448655

dman got himself some thanksgiving/black Friday presents.....one is a console I already had games for but no way to play them haha

5:31pm   InsaneDarkness

Wait, SysOp legit played the Hong Kong '97 music?

5:32pm   dman6448655

yeah a while back. haha it was annoying to relisten to on my recording too. I didn't even know what hong kong 97 was at first until later I saw the AVGN ep

5:33pm   SysOp (host)

yea, that kinda sucked acually

5:34pm   dman6448655

poor sysop bad memories. hehe. and speaking of bad memoires the Vikings just completed a pass for negative 10 yards. oopsie

5:37pm   dman6448655

toys r us had weird prices back in the day

5:39pm   dman6448655

katamari!! love the energy in this track

5:44pm   dman6448655

no indy or skatervans tonight? maybe playing with their new black Friday purchases....

5:46pm   dman6448655

oh smash theme, I hadn't heard this yet. speaking of things people haven't heard, have you dudes seen the big news from marco now that hes in Idaho??? he just got engaged!

5:47pm   Dark Omega

♪ Colors weave into a spire of flame, distant sparks call to a past still unnamed... ♪

5:48pm   InsaneDarkness

Does SysOp know about SiIvaGunner?

5:50pm   sweep the leg


5:52pm   sweep the leg

No mercy, man

5:53pm   pikachu

i don't like OJ with pulp but it's ok in milk

5:54pm   pikachu


5:55pm   dman6448655

yup big news pika. congrats to them.

5:55pm   SysOp (host)

sweeps, i got my pink show back for the winter break. my first show is on Dec 25th

5:55pm   sweep the leg

Love me some Bayou Billy

5:56pm   sweep the leg

Omg! I'm there, dude. I'll be starting that chat pit!

5:57pm   SysOp (host)


5:57pm   sweep the leg

Wait...Christmas day?!

5:58pm   SysOp (host)

um, yeah

5:58pm   dman6448655

the computer voice adventuresofbayou billy is pretty bad quality

5:59pm   sweep the leg

Well alright then! What times the show start? I'll get these legs ready for sweepin'

6:00pm   SysOp (host)

10pm - midnight

6:00pm   Green Knight

OK. OJ pulp in milk...Hmmm.

6:01pm   sweep the leg

Can't wait

6:01pm   sweep the leg

You just broke my radio!

6:02pm   dman6448655

10 to midnight is the winter break time slot?

6:03pm   SysOp (host)


6:03pm   SysOp (host)

for my punk show

6:03pm   SysOp (host)

VGMS still on sundays

6:06pm   dman6448655

yes the punk show, we've been eagerly awaiting!!!

6:06pm   sweep the leg

Come on with the baby browns..

6:08pm   dman6448655

congrats mochiko!!! that's a big day right there.

6:13pm   dman6448655

lots of great katamari tracks tonight! thanks to sysop and/or whoever requested!

6:18pm   sweep the leg

Get him, Bobby!

6:18pm   pikachu


6:20pm   Green Knight


6:23pm   dman6448655

woo punk show. tell skatervans he loves that stuff

6:23pm   sweep the leg

VGMS is still my first love but I'm stoked about the punk show!

6:24pm   dman6448655

same sweep, same here

6:28pm   sweep the leg

This school sucks! It sucks!

6:29pm   dman6448655

great tracks tonight! cant wait for double sysop shows

6:31pm   SysOp (host)

why did you throw your bike in the dumpster?!?

6:32pm   sweep the leg

Stupid bike I hate this bike

6:33pm   SysOp (host)

well its great for you but it sucks for me!!

6:35pm   sweep the leg


6:47pm   dman6448655

oh I really want xenoblade chronicles 2 for my switch, and that Mario through the years orchestra medley was off the chain!!!!

6:48pm   Green Knight

I still have to play my copy of Xenoblade on the Wii U.

6:49pm   pikachu


6:53pm   sweep the leg


6:54pm   dman6448655


6:55pm   dman6448655

yeah gk I wanted the wii u xenoblade too. never got that one but still on my wishlist.

6:56pm   dman6448655

dman just got the $200 ps4 spiderman bundle for this black Friday! now I can finally play horizon zero dawn and bloodborne and last of us that I already owned haha

6:56pm   pikachu

this is dedicated to Mochica and his new life and new wife

6:57pm   dman6448655

oh nice dedication pika. I should look up the translation. great song for a big happy life event

6:58pm   SysOp (host)

sorry i have to cut it short. im outta time =-(

6:58pm   Green Knight

(ง’̀<‘́)ง It can't be over!

6:58pm   pikachu

i wouldn't dman, its about a guy who is no longer with his chica, only through memories...

6:59pm   pikachu

ok fade out sysop



composed by na
from Winter Fantasy (NA)



Na “Spider-Man Cartoon Theme [8 Bit Tribute to Stan Lee]”
composed by na
from 8 Bit Universe (NA)



Na “Let-s Groove on a Genesis”
composed by na
from Earth Wind & Fire 16-bit Cover (NA)



Na “Danger! (Gym Battle)”
composed by na
from Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (NA)



Na “Flying Power Disc (Beach Court)”
composed by na
from Windjammers (Neo Geo) (NA)



Na “Earthquake theme”
composed by na
from Samurai shodown CD (NA)



NEC “retro block”
composed by Turbo Grafx-16
from Blazing Lazers (NA)



Na “Boss 1”
composed by na
from Night Slashers - BEAT OF DARKNESS (NA)



Na “Katamari on the Rocks”
composed by na
from Katamari Damacy (NA)



Na “Main Theme - Lifelight”
composed by na
from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (NA)



Na “Smoking Roll”
composed by na
from God Hand (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Adventures of Bayou Billy (NA)



Na “Morrigan Theme”
composed by na
from Darkstalkers (NA)



Na “Theme of Captain America”
composed by na
from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (NA)



Na “Boss”
composed by na
from Slayin (NA)



Na “Disco Prince”
composed by na
from We Love Katamari (NA)



Na “Pokeball Plus Theme”
composed by na
from Pokemon Let-s Go Pikachu & Eevee Music (NA)



NES “retro block”
composed by NES
from Desert Commander (NA)



Na “Mario Through The Years”
composed by na
from A Super Mario Orchestral Medley (NA)



Na “Ambient Showdown”
composed by na
from Super Happy Funblock (NA)



Na “Gormott (Night)”
composed by na
from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NA)



Na “The Way Home”
composed by na
from Hotline Miami 2_ Wrong Number (NA)



Na “Escape From The City ...song for the action stage "CITY ESCAPE"”
composed by na
from Sonic Adventure 2 (NA)



Na “Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy”
composed by na

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