DJ Shaun

What is your Major? Journalism Minor - Communications What is your Favorite Genre of Music? Why? My favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop because my favorite artists are J. Cole, Eminem, Logic, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West. Although, I have a deep appreciation for Rock because my dad never let me change his radio as a child. What do you do when you're not being an awesome DJ? I love to watch Sports, play video games, and chill with my friends. What is your Favorite Pizza Topping? I'm basic and pepperoni is my favorite but I am a firm believer that Pineapple DOES belong on Pizza. What Cartoon Character do you most identify with? Why? I most identify with Bugs Bunny because I feel that I am Well-rounded and I want to hoop with the GoAT (Greatest of All Time) Michael Jordan. Where would you like to travel? Why? I would like to travel to England and Finland because that is where my mom and Dad's families are from respectively.

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2018 Jun 13th 12-2pm TBD Playlist
6th 12-2pm TBD Playlist
May 30th 12-2pm TBD Playlist
23rd 12-1pm TBD Playlist
16th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
9th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
2nd 12-1pm TBD Playlist
Apr 25th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
18th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
11th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
4th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
Mar 14th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
7th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
Feb 28th 12-1pm TBD Playlist
16th 2-4pm Test two Playlist