What is Your Major? Undecided, Just a KSSU Intern! What is your favorite Genre of Music? Why? Would say Alt/indie and Rap. Really I love all types, classical has my heart also. What do you do when you're not being an awesome DJ? Work! I work at a Dog daycare. I also enjoy hiking, getting coffee w/ my mentor and friends. Basically when I'm not DJing, I'm working! What is your Favorite Pizza Topping? Spinach & Artichoke :) What Cartoon Character do you most identify with? Why? Beemo from Adventure Time because I'm always there to help but I also like to do my own thing. Where would you like to travel? Why? Amsterdam, Germany, Japan, as well as all 50 states! (4/50) New Zealand as well.

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2018 Apr 10th 2-3pm loveseat Playlist
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Feb 27th 2-3pm loveseat Playlist
13th 2-3pm loveseat Playlist
6th 2-3pm loveseat Playlist