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What is your Major? Political Science & Journalism What is your Favorite Genre of Music? Why? My favorite Genres are Indie, Rap, & House music. I say all three because were at an interesting where all three genres have become blurry. Rappers are on House tracks, and Electronic producers are making Rap tracks, and also Indie has begun to adopt more of the production tools of DJ’s and began to make solo bands independent of multiple members. This has allowed me to enjoy all these genres intersecting to create amazingly complex and rich music. What do you do when you’re not being an awesome DJ? When I’m not DJ’ing on air, I’m DJ’ing. Being a DJ for parties and on air forces you to constantly practice and understand music structures. I am always on the search for the future classic songs of our summer and winters. I practice mixing those songs, and I even DJ for friends to practice and understand what works and doesn’t. I also go to school and do tons of reading, but that’s not as exciting. What is your Favorite Pizza Topping? Depends on the day. On a normal day I like a Pepperoni Pizza, but if it’s a nice summer day then pineapple is a good topping. On a Friday I prefer a cheese pizza during Lent. Mushrooms and Onions also deserve an honorable mention. What Cartoon Character do you most identify with? Why? I most identify with Bobby from Bobby’s World because I have a big head like him and it was a super epic show. Don’t @me Where would you like to travel? Why? I would like to visit Europe and see the provinces and states that my family are from in Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. It would be cool to trace my genealogical origin and also to go eat various foods from different places. I want to try McDonalds from all around the world.

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