Radio K - KUOM Minneapolis, MN

Real College Radio

Tuesday March 20th 2018

Time zone: central

12.00am KUOM 12am - 1am Radio K After Dark Playlist
1.00am Tuesday 1am-6am (Overnight Mix) Radio K After Dark Playlist
6.00am Rock and Roll Over (Specialty Show) Arthritic Hip Playlist
9.00am Tuesday 9-11am (Variety Shift) Lizzie Playlist
11.00am Tuesday 11am-2pm (Variety Shift) Abby R Playlist
2.00pm Tuesday 2-4 pm (Variety Shift) Dinesh Playlist
4.00pm Tuesday 4-6 PM (Variety Shift) Sylvia J Playlist
6.00pm Tuesday 6-7pm (Variety Shift) Jessie Playlist
7.00pm Those Meddling Kids (Specialty Show) Anthony K Playlist
10.00pm Speakeasy (Specialty Show) The real അപ്പി Playlist
11.00pm Tuesday 11pm-1am (Variety Shift) Summer S. Playlist