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Monday September 10th 2018

Time zone: central

1.00am Mondays 1-3am (Variety Shift) Joe S. Playlist
6.00am Rock and Roll Over (Specialty Show) Andy Playlist
9.00am Variety Shift (Variety Shift) Stevie Playlist
11.00am Monday 11am-1pm (Variety Shift) Brooke K Playlist
1.00pm Monday 1-4pm (Variety Shift) Blue Rat Tail Playlist
4.00pm Mondays 4-6 pm (Variety Shift) Walsh and Johnson Playlist
6.00pm Monday 6-8pm (Variety Shift) katacarbix Playlist
8.00pm Nocturnity (Specialty Show) Andy Playlist
10.00pm Low End Theory (Specialty Show) Nathan F. Playlist