KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

The Sound

Monday November 6th 2017

Time zone: pacific

7.00am Beautiful Music for an Ugly World (Music) Francesca Playlist
10.00am Welcome to the Estro(den) (Music) DJ Coldplayfan1996 Playlist
11.00am In Sight, In Mind (Talk) trillmoth Playlist
12.00pm Cosmic Drive-In (Music) DJ Hightatchi Playlist
1.00pm Pizazz! (Music) DJ Emily Playlist
4.00pm Strange Magic (Music) Ellie Barnes Playlist
5.00pm Ritmos Picantes (Music) DJ Empress Playlist
8.00pm See you at the Lounge (Music) Yung Anubis Playlist
10.00pm Desert Blues (Music) Georgia Playlist
11.00pm Document #90.1 (Music) DJ Skramboi Playlist