KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

The Sound

Friday November 10th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Hip Hop Overseas (Music) Cool Whip Playlist
7.00am morning alt for your morning coffee (Music) DJ nek Playlist
10.00am History Hour (Talk) DJ Schoomoo Playlist
11.00am Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space (Music) DJ Wi-Fi Playlist
12.00pm i Love the Rain, it Washes Memories off the Sidewalk of Life (Music) DJ Wi-Fi Playlist
1.00pm Gender-Queeries (Music) Kwellet Playlist
2.00pm Spread the Love Pt II (Music) AC Playlist
4.00pm Western Brü (Music) DJ Jung Lov Playlist
7.00pm Nani?! (Music) dj thrash Playlist
8.00pm The Warehouse (Music) dj fridge Playlist
10.00pm Grrl Time (Music) DJ Crunk on the Cob Playlist
11.00pm The Yay Area (Music) DJ Yeee Playlist