KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

The Sound

Monday February 13th 2012

Time zone: pacific

1.00am Zodiac Sines (Music) AO Playlist
8.00am Across Campus (Talk) kharper Playlist
9.00am Under the Covers (Music) JULIA Playlist
10.00am Acid-Jazz (Music) Logan Playlist
11.00am City Underground (Music) DJ Dyslexic Playlist
12.00pm Abbie (Music) Abbie Playlist
1.00pm Indie House (Music) Sierra@IndieHouse Playlist
2.00pm Folktronica (Music) Lily Clark Playlist
3.00pm Life Lessons (Music) Max Keyes Playlist
4.00pm The Fuzzbox (Music) Polly Membrino Playlist
5.00pm Funky Fingers (Music) DJ Chameleon Playlist
5.00pm Mashed Potato Time (Music) Kayla Playlist
7.00pm Soul in the Sound (Music) DJ Sass-E Playlist
8.00pm (∪。∪)。。。zzz (Music) TaiKoga Playlist
9.00pm Foreign Hiphop (Music) MVB Playlist
9.00pm The Pregame (Music) Zach Goldstein Playlist
10.00pm High Level Spell (Music) AO Playlist
10.00pm Michael Jordan's Minor League Debut (Music) Simic Playlist
11.00pm The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (Music) DJ Zippy Playlist