KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

The Sound

Wednesday February 14th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Smoove Cruise (Music) DJ SPF 100 Playlist
10.00am Cosmic Drive-In (Music) DJ Hightatchi Playlist
11.00am On Rotation (Music) Nayra Playlist
4.00pm Guitar Music (Music) DJ Griff Playlist
7.00pm For Emo Teenz (Music) Nayra Playlist
8.00pm Black Static (Music) DJ Emily Playlist
9.00pm Since Feeling Is First (Music) Sam Playlist
10.00pm Journey to the Dirty South w/ DJ Slab (Music) DJ S L A B Playlist
11.00pm Zim zimma (Music) DJ Armed Serf Playlist