KUSF In Exile

San Francisco Community Radio

Saturday January 7th 2017

Time zone: pacific

6.00am FreeFall (Music) David Bassin Playlist
8.00am Sleeves On Hearts (Music) Irwin Playlist
10.00am Chop Chop Lollipop (Music) Dj Panda Playlist
10.30am Oh Grow Up (Music) Dj Flying Japan Playlist
11.00am Francofun (Music) Dj Fari Playlist
12.00pm Don't Fret - The Guitar Show (Music) Dj Fari Playlist
1.00pm The Classical Cowboy (Music) Jim Levine Playlist
3.00pm Kraut Out Loud (Music) DJ Meta Playlist
4.00pm Bishop Tom Show (Cultural) Bishop Tom..Tom...Dr. Tom Polcari Playlist
4.30pm Groovy 60s (Music) Stevil Playlist
5.00pm World of Classics (Music) AHMET TOPRAK Playlist
8.00pm Evening Music (Music) Stevil Playlist