KVRF Sutton 89.5 FM

KVRF Big Cabbage Radio

Thursday October 5th 2017

Time zone: alaska

5.00am Folk, Country and Acoustic (Music) Playlist
7.00am Mike and Friends (Talk) Mike Chmielewski Playlist
8.00am Citizen Lobbyist (Talk) Playlist
8.00am KVRF 8am - 9am Mike Chmielewski Playlist
9.00am Big Picture Science (Talk) Playlist
10.00am Classical (Music) Playlist
12.00pm The Jazz Groove with Dr. DJ (Music) Playlist
2.00pm Wandering Minstrels (Music) Playlist
4.00pm Global Village (Music) Playlist
5.00pm Citizen Lobbyist (Talk) Playlist
5.30pm Glacier View Review (Talk) Playlist
6.00pm Milk Street Radio (Talk) Playlist
7.00pm Blue Grass Review (Music) Playlist
8.00pm KVRF 8pm - 9pm Mike Chmielewski Playlist
8.00pm The Ride with Dancing Bear (Music) Playlist
9.00pm KVRF 9pm - 10pm Mike Chmielewski Playlist
10.00pm Random Eclectic (Music) Playlist
11.00pm Random Eclectic (Music) Playlist