KWVA Eugene 88.1FM

Campus Radio

Tuesday April 7th 2015

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Dad Jams (Music) DJ Daniel Playlist
6.00am Blasting off with Space Cadet (Music) WoahDude Playlist
8.00am Philman's Extravaganza (Music) philman97401 Playlist
10.00am Let's Do Coffee (Music) DJ Elle Playlist
11.00am Ruckus Radio (Music) Ruckus the Red Playlist
12.00pm Tuesday @ 12:00 (Music) Alabee Playlist
1.00pm Nate's doing the thing (Music) Nathan Stevens Playlist
2.00pm Audible Chocolate (Music) DJ BBQueue Playlist
3.00pm The Boom Bat (Music) DJ Petunia Playlist
4.00pm Heartbreak Hotel Revisited (Music) DJB Playlist
8.00pm Notes From the Underground (Music) Abulikah Playlist
10.00pm Dat Late Night (Music) DJ Schrute's Beats Playlist