KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM

University of Oregon Campus Radio

Tuesday May 9th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Digital Distortion (Music) Apollo Playlist
12.00am My Sounds Are What? Sickening! (Music) DJ CD Playlist
2.00am Bedtime Stories (Music) DJ upchuck Playlist
3.00am Bedtime Stories (Music) DJ Jackolas Playlist
6.00am GTM CHIMA (Music) GTM Chima Playlist
8.00am The Group W Bench (Music) DJ Philman Playlist
10.00am Tuesday Lovin' (Music) Dyslexic Playlist
11.00am PANCHO WHAT'S PUNK (Music) PANCHO Playlist
12.00pm Coffee & Casserole / What's on the Menu (Music) Casserole Playlist
1.00pm . (Music) Red Rocket Playlist
2.00pm Fish are friends, not food. (Music) Sharkbait (Hoo Haha) Playlist
3.00pm Eclectic Avenue (Music) DJ Ken Sleazy Playlist
4.00pm Stampede! (Music) DJB Playlist
8.00pm Notes From the Underground (Music) Abulikah Playlist
10.00pm It's Lit (Music) DJ CD Playlist