KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM

University of Oregon Campus Radio

Tuesday May 16th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Digital Distortion (Music) Apollo Playlist
2.00am Bedtime Stories (Music) DJ upchuck Playlist
3.00am Bedtime Stories (Music) DJ Jackolas Playlist
4.00am 4-6am Tuesday 5/16 (Music) DJ Philman Playlist
6.00am GTM CHIMA (Music) GTM Chima Playlist
8.00am The Group W Bench (Music) ALIVEDJP Playlist
10.00am Tuesday Lovin' (Music) Dyslexic Playlist
11.00am PANCHO WHAT'S PUNK (Music) PANCHO Playlist
12.00pm Coffee & Casserole / What's on the Menu (Music) Casserole Playlist
1.00pm . (Music) Red Rocket Playlist
2.00pm Fish are friends, not food. (Music) Sharkbait (Hoo Haha) Playlist
3.00pm Eclectic Avenue (Music) DJ Ken Sleazy Playlist
4.00pm 1-800-WESTERN (Music) DJB Playlist
8.00pm Notes From the Underground (Music) Abulikah Playlist
10.00pm It's Lit (Music) Swanky Playlist