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DJ since: 2009

Some people say DJ Carma flew to Earth in a rocket ship made out of lemon peels from a faraway planet in a galaxy not unlike this one. Others believe she was conceived during an awkward night watching Spinal Tap at the drive thru theatre in Akron, OH. Despite where she may or may not have come from, she currently resides in Eugene, OR where she is a slave to the groove, and pumps out a smorgasbord of jams over the airwaves. A verifiable source says she worships BeBop and plays jazz flute in a rock band called Cosmic Jelly, while an unverifiable source says she will turn to verbal warfare to defend that New York pizza is better "because of the water." Wherever she came from, and whoever she is, it is likely she would be happy to know you are listening to New Haircut Radio every Tuesday from 4-6 PM.

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2012 Jul 31st 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
17th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
11th 11-12pm Morning Delight Playlist
10th 2-4pm hot hot HOT Playlist
5th 1-3pm July 5 Jamz Playlist
1st 6-8pm Sunday Funday Playlist
Jun 29th 12-2pm smooth and/or funky Playlist
26th 2-4pm Fill in Playlist
22nd 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
21st 8-10am Mornin' 6/21 Playlist
19th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
19th 6.30-8.30pm June 19 Playlist
15th 1-3pm infinite air Playlist
13th 2-4pm AGAIN Playlist
13th 8-10am Sleepyhead Radio Playlist
12th 12-2pm Afternoon Romp Playlist
12th 8-10am sleepy radio Playlist
5th 12.30-2pm Fill in Haircut 6/5 Playlist
5th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
May 30th 1-2pm RockNRoll Playlist
29th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
23rd 2-3pm fill in Playlist
22nd 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
15th 4-6pm New Haircut 5/15 Playlist
1st 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
Apr 24th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
17th 4-6pm New Haircut Playlist
11th 1-2pm Zane's Music Time! Playlist
10th 4-6pm Obstreperous Zephyr 4/10 Playlist
4th 11-12pm fill 4.4 Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Obstreperous Zephyr 4/2/12 Playlist
2nd 2.30-3pm Quickie 4/2 Playlist
Mar 29th 3-4pm The Obstreperous Zephyr 1 Playlist
24th 12-2pm Saturday 3/24/12 Playlist
23rd 2-4pm 3/23 pt. 2 Playlist
23rd 11-12pm 3/23/12 Playlist
22nd 3-4pm March22,2012/2 Playlist
22nd 12-2pm march22,2012 Playlist
21st 3-4pm SnowRadio 3/21 Playlist
18th 12-2pm Sunday Morning 3/18/12 Playlist
17th 12-2pm Righteous Radio Playlist
2011 Aug 4th 10.30-12pm Righteous Radio 8/4 Playlist
Jul 28th 10-12pm Mullet Morning Playlist
Jun 30th 10.30-12pm Righteous Radio Summer1 Playlist
Mar 14th 3-4pm Manic Monday Playlist
7th 3-4pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Feb 28th 3-4pm Righteous Radio Playlist
21st 3-4pm Righteous Radio: Valentines Playlist
14th 3-4pm Righteous Radio: Valentines Playlist
7th 3-4pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Jan 31st 3.30-4pm Righteous Radio/Half Hour Edition Playlist
24th 3-4pm Righteous Radio Playlist
10th 3-4pm Righteous Radio Playlist
2010 Dec 6th 11-12pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Nov 22nd 11-12pm Righteous Radio Playlist
15th 11-12pm Righteous Radio Playlist
8th 11-1pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Oct 25th 11-12pm Righteous Radio Playlist
4th 11-12pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Sep 22nd 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
15th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
1st 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Aug 18th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
11th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
4th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
May 25th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
18th 12-2am Geo-Hop Playlist
18th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
11th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
Apr 27th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
20th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
13th 2-3pm Righteous Radio Playlist
12th 10-11am the mid-morning meander Playlist