KWVA Eugene 88.1 FM

University of Oregon Campus Radio

Tuesday May 21st 2013

Time zone: pacific

2.00am Tuesday 02:00-04:00 (Music) Zumy Playlist
4.00am Invertebrate Radio (Music) DJ Feathers Playlist
6.00am early worm gets the...worm (Music) DJ Blondie Playlist
10.00am radio show (Music) MC SpelChex Playlist
11.00am Tamashi Grooves (Music) DJ soph Playlist
1.00pm DJ 3.0.D. (Music) DJ Feathers Playlist
1.00pm Sunday Funday! (Music) DJ Brian Playlist
2.00pm Magical Mystery Show (Music) DJ Brian Playlist
3.00pm That Tuesday Afternoon Show (Music) Andrew Playlist
4.00pm Poplar Knull Gets Away (Music) DJB Playlist
8.00pm Notes From the Underground (Music) Abulikah Playlist