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DJ since: 2012

I'm 49. I live near Spencer Butte with my wife and three sons. I listen to a wide variety of material across many styles and eras. Each week some of this winds up on the show in the audio car wreck I call Poplar Knull

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2018 Dec 11th 4-6pm Music Inspired By Space Junk Playlist
4th 4-6pm Poplar Knull and other four-letter words Playlist
Nov 27th 4-6pm When it reigns it purrs Playlist
20th 4-6pm Bohemian Rhapsody In Blue Playlist
13th 4-6pm Paradise Lost. Thousand Oaks Too. Playlist
6th 4-6pm Always Tell the Voter What the Voter Wants to Hear Playlist
Oct 30th 4-6pm Wirits In The Spaterial Morld Playlist
23rd 4-6pm Hurry boy, it's waiting there for Knull Playlist
16th 4-6pm Return of the DJBedi Playlist
Sep 24th 4-6pm ลูกเสือคือ: Playlist
18th 4-6pm End Of The Line Playlist
11th 4-6pm 9/11, long snake moan, and guitar excursions into the unknown Playlist
4th 4-6pm Betcherwondrinhowiknew Boutcherplanstomakemeblue Playlist
Aug 21st 4-6pm Incredibly Strange Beatles Covers Playlist
14th 4-6pm Blue Money, Etc. Playlist
7th 4-6pm Captain's Log/Space Madness Playlist
Jul 17th 4-6pm Best darn swim hole west of Transyltucky Playlist
10th 4-6pm DJB's Meta Radio Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Popular Chuck Noll Playlist
Jun 26th 4-6pm Whiled Mountain Honey Buckitt Playlist
12th 8-10.30am Here Are The Sounds Of My Life In San Francisco... Playlist
5th 8-10am Fleur and Brimstone Playlist
May 29th 8-10am A God Called Hubris Playlist
22nd 8-10am Reich & Darwin & ダーウィン Playlist
15th 8-10am Eno Playlist
8th 8-10am National Bike Monk Playlist
1st 8-10am 3— Mayday Commie Dorough Fast —3 Playlist
Apr 24th 8-10am Let's Get The Baby High Playlist
17th 8-10am Bemshaw Swing - Art Bell Memorial Playlist
3rd 8-10am ポプラール、日本を訪れる Playlist
Mar 20th 8-10am Mama's Doin' Meth Again Playlist
13th 8-10am National Walkout Playlist
6th 8-10am DJB's OMG Playlist
Feb 27th 8-10am A Hundred Thousand Million Dreams Ago Playlist
20th 8-10am Gip Knurd A Ekil Laeusq Playlist
13th 8-10am Whole Lotta Love Songs Playlist
6th 8-10am SoUL ShaKEdoWn PuRiTY Playlist
Jan 23rd 8-10am A Short Reprise For Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, But For Very Good Reasons, Etc Playlist
16th 8-10am Shithole Playlist
9th 8-10am Romevere Owher The Sainbow Playlist
2nd 8-10am Poplar Knull Plays Favorites With 2017 Playlist
2017 Dec 26th 8-10am ブルームーンシャッフルをダンスする方法 Playlist
12th 8-10am Baruch Atah Alabama Playlist
5th 8-10am Poplar Knull Jumps Through a Ring Of Fire Playlist
Nov 28th 8-10am Nuclear War: It's A Motherfucker Playlist
21st 8-10am Musical Turkeys, Homestays, and Devotionals Playlist
14th 8-10am Ride with the dolphins and return to Candy Mountain Playlist
7th 8-10am War Pings Playlist
Oct 31st 8-10am Seven Teeth Annual Poplar Knull Halloween Special and First Ever and Disputation on the Power of Indulgences Quincentennial Rem Playlist
24th 8-10am Chicken Lips Stick On His Pickup Playlist
17th 8-10am Nutopian International Anthem, Etc. Playlist
3rd 8-10am Ten-Three, Good Buddy Playlist
Sep 26th 8-10am FM > Poplar Knull > AM Playlist
12th 4-6pm 4:44 Playlist
5th 2-4pm Beyond These Chilly Winds With Poplar Knull Playlist
Aug 26th 4-6pm Why Do the Purple Dog Sing? Playlist
19th 12-2pm Earth-Moon-Sun Syzygy Playlist
7th 4-6pm Sleeve Covered Hymns Playlist
5th 2-4pm The Voyager Golden Record Playlist
Jul 29th 4-6pm Poplar Knull! Playlist
Jun 28th 8-10pm Sonic Poplar Wanderings Knull Playlist
16th 4-6pm "...From Thenc I Went To The Landgrave Of Hessen..." Playlist
May 30th 4-6pm Asaw Foforwa's The Beef? Playlist
23rd 4-6pm The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing Playlist
16th 4-6pm 1-800-WESTERN Playlist
9th 4-6pm Stampede! Playlist
2nd 4-6pm Dificultades Técnica Playlist
Apr 25th 4-6pm These Boots Are Made For Christopher Walken Playlist
18th 4-6pm I am I'm I'm So Wet I'm Working At Nasa On Acid Playlist
11th 4-6pm A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly Playlist
4th 4-6pm DJB's Pre-empted Strike Playlist
Mar 21st 4-6pm Vernal Equinox Plus One Playlist
14th 4-6pm 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923 078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938 Playlist
7th 4-6pm Moosylvania Perestroika Guitar Solo And Others Playlist
Feb 21st 4-6pm Black History Month Playlist
14th 4-6pm My Funny Valentine Playlist
7th 4-6pm Hold Some Version Playlist
5th 12-2pm Poplar Knull Album Sides Playlist
Jan 31st 4-6pm Pussy Sings Back Playlist
24th 4-6pm Stikit Uppå källarbac Playlist
17th 4-6pm The Man Who Whoopee King Playlist
10th 4-6pm I Thaw Her Sanding There Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Dark Stars 2016 Playlist
2016 Dec 20th 4-6pm 5th Annual Poplar Knull Xmas Xtravaganza in the Park Playlist
13th 4-6pm Poplar Full Knull Moon Playlist
6th 4-6pm Kalacakra Cataract Playlist
Nov 29th 4-6pm Maybe I'm Doinged It Wronged Playlist
22nd 4-6pm The History of Punk on the Lower East Side Playlist
15th 4-6pm No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning Playlist
8th 4-6pm Election Day Special Playlist
1st 4-6pm Quesadilla De Los Muertos? Hot Damn! Playlist
Oct 25th 4-6pm Patrasche Come Back Playlist
11th 4-6pm Daze of Atonalment Playlist
4th 4-6pm Ten-Four, Bood Guddy Playlist
Sep 27th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's Buck To Skül Spatial Playlist
18th 4-6pm Disneyland Chackim! Playlist
11th 2-4pm Poplar Knull: Double Nickels On The Dime Playlist
Aug 30th 4-6pm Busted In A Full Spare O' Dice Playlist
23rd 10-12pm 5-4-3-2-Strawberry Fields Laundry Lisp Off Playlist
15th 10-12pm Bride Is Walked Down Aisle by the Man Who Got Her Father’s Donated Heart Playlist
Jul 27th 8-10am Philling in for Philman Playlist
16th 10-12am The Lonely Guy Playlist
Jun 7th 4-6pm Float Like a Poplar, Sting Like A Knull Playlist
May 24th 4-6pm 75 Years of Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs Playlist
17th 4-6pm 75 Dollar Blues Explosionne Playlist
10th 4-6pm Blu Blo Bli Ble Bla Playlist
Apr 26th 4-6pm Pesach, Prince, and Poplar Knull Playlist
19th 4-6pm The Bronx is Like China Playlist
12th 4-6pm Thirty-Three Stairway To Heavens Playlist
5th 4-6pm DJB's Contractual Obligation Show Playlist
Mar 29th 4-6pm משולש יוטה Beehive State Triangle (Take 6) Playlist
15th 4-6pm The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. Playlist
8th 4-6pm تنها نه گفتن به نوحه Playlist
1st 4-6pm Rock In Opposition To Imposition Playlist
Feb 23rd 4-6pm Black Folks Love Country Music Too Playlist
16th 4-6pm Open Country Joy Playlist
9th 4-6pm Poplar Knull to GOP: Eat Shit And Die Playlist
2nd 4-6pm I Mustachio A Question Playlist
Jan 26th 4-6pm Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah Playlist
12th 4-6pm Always Crashing In The Same Time Slot Playlist
5th 4-6pm PoPLAr KnULl FavoRITeS fRom 2015 Playlist
2015 Dec 29th 3-6pm :47 Playlist
22nd 4-6pm Xmas Xpecial Playlist
15th 4-6pm Show Forty-Five Playlist
8th 4-6pm Foreign Novelty Smash Playlist
1st 4-6pm Roy Rogers, Yoxtin Thimbles, and the Great Cosmic Vagina Playlist
Nov 24th 4-6pm Turkey Strike Split Gutter Playlist
17th 4-6pm The Girl With the Flaxen Hair Playlist
10th 4-6pm Bada Bang Bong Ping Dong Song Sung Glue Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Shopping, Wet Daddy, And The Great Atomic Power Playlist
Oct 27th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Halloween Special Playlist
20th 4-6pm Barbarian Days Playlist
6th 4-6pm The Upshot: Here’s the Evidence on Tea’s Benefits Playlist
Sep 29th 4-6pm klua thammai chon poplar knull Playlist
22nd 4-6pm Equinox Prep Playlist
15th 4-6pm Debut Taunts Bowl I Playlist
8th 4-6pm Thou Shalt Not Commit Poplar Knull Playlist
1st 4-6pm As Economy Falters, China Stages a Poplar Knull Spectacle Playlist
Aug 18th 4-6pm The Most Unwanted Song(s) Playlist
11th 4-6pm Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker! Playlist
4th 4-6pm Poplar Something Knull Something Something Playlist
Jul 28th 4-6pm Scrubber Playlist
Jun 30th 4-6pm Hottest Hits For Hottest Temperatures Playlist
23rd 4-6pm Poplar Was a Rollin' Stone Playlist
16th 4-6pm Spokane Word Peace Playlist
9th 4-6pm Pompous and Circumstantial Playlist
2nd 4-6pm The Flamer and Painted Eggs Playlist
May 26th 4-6pm Approaching The Poplar Knull With Spray Guns Playlist
19th 4-6pm RIP Dean "Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me" Potter Playlist
12th 4-6pm Greatest Hits Including Bo Go Gyaling Tibetan Shawm Playlist
5th 4-6pm Quintuple Mayo Playlist
Apr 28th 4-6pm Three Cheers For Our Side Playlist
21st 4-6pm Poplar Knull's Post Earth Day Special Playlist
14th 4-6pm Stop Killing The Seals Playlist
7th 4-6pm Heartbreak Hotel Revisited Playlist
Mar 31st 4-6pm Hippies and Cops and a Bunch of Rocks Playlist
24th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Goes Long Playlist
17th 4-6pm Greenhorn Reprise Playlist
10th 4-6pm Warning: Today's Show May Induce Straussiness Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Poplar W. Knull Playlist
Feb 24th 4-6pm Slack Key Ode To The Chief Hoodlum Playlist
17th 4-6pm Post-President's Day Pennsylvania Avenue Special Playlist
10th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Springs Eternal Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Saudi Oil Seen as Lever to Pry Russia Away From Assad Playlist
Jan 20th 4-4pm LA Is Dead. Long Live LA. Playlist
13th 4-6pm Hixing a Fole with Koplar Pnull Playlist
6th 4-6pm PoPLAr KnULl FavoRITeS fRom 2014 Playlist
2014 Dec 30th 4-6pm Out with the old, in with the new, and vice versa Playlist
23rd 4-6pm Poplar Knull's 32nd Annual Christmas Gala Featuring Special Guest Ryan Seacrest Playlist
16th 4-6pm Bubbe's Hannah Cat Playlist
9th 4-6pm One Way Ticket To Knull Playlist
2nd 4-6pm Poplar Knull And The Vimado Wingnan Shuffle Playlist
Nov 25th 4-6pm Turkeys All The Way Down Playlist
18th 4-6pm Revisionist Covers Playlist
11th 4-6pm Veteran's Day Poppy Knull Playlist
4th 4-6pm Secret Ballots and The History of Utah Playlist
Oct 28th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's Afternoon of the Living Dead Playlist
21st 4-6pm Knull State Poplerties Playlist
14th 4-6pm Driving Music Playlist
7th 4-6pm Shazam Doowah Playlist
Sep 30th 4-6pm Poplar Knull in the year 5775 Playlist
23rd 4-6pm Batman's Poplar Whupped I Knull Playlist
16th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Jams Econo Playlist
9th 4-6pm Stick It In Your Koyaanisqatsi Playlist
2nd 4-6pm The Labor Day After Playlist
Aug 26th 4-6pm Pop Tart Knull Playlist
19th 4-6pm Weasels Ripped My Knull Playlist
12th 4-6pm тополь Кнюлль Playlist
5th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's Indian Love Call Playlist
Jul 29th 4-6pm Gershwin's Summertime Playlist
22nd 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
Jun 24th 4-6pm World Cuplar Knull Playlist
17th 4-6pm Construction, Graduation, and Small Transcendent Flails Playlist
3rd 4-6pm Paris Knull Playlist
May 27th 4-6pm DJB's Reasons To Be Cheerful Playlist
20th 4-6pm Eagles of Death Knull Playlist
13th 4-6pm Poplar Poplar Doppelgänger Playlist
6th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Revelation 5:6 Playlist
Apr 25th 9-10pm Poplar Knull Playlist
15th 4-6pm DJB's Tax Day Special Playlist
8th 4-6pm Popular Know Returns Playlist
Mar 11th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Variety Hour Featuring Bonus Hour with Anne Murray and Friendsing Playlist
4th 4-6pm Mr. Knull and Mr. Mud Playlist
Feb 18th 4-6pm Svrika Poplar Na Dvojnicama Knull Playlist
11th 4-6pm The Great Ice Storm of '14 Playlist
4th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's Scherzaaaaaaahhhh Playlist
Jan 28th 4-6pm Songs On Rugs Playlist
21st 4-6pm Songs On Drugs Playlist
14th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd Playlist
7th 4-6pm Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Poplar Knull Playlist
2013 Dec 31st 4-6pm Poplar Knew Year! Playlist
24th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's 17th Annual Yuletide Celebration and Christmas Spectacular with Special Guest Host Monty Hall, and Featuring the Playlist
17th 4-6pm I'm Dreaming of a White P. Knull Playlist
10th 4-6pm Poplar Knull throws caution horses to the wind up clock Playlist
3rd 4-6pm God Bows To Math Playlist
Nov 19th 4-6pm Poplar Knull puts its lips together and blows Playlist
12th 4-6pm Eleven Twelve Thirteen Playlist
5th 4-6pm Charmichael Chameleon Knull Playlist
Oct 22nd 4-6pm топола Кнулл доноси мир у Србију Playlist
15th 4-6pm PK, I'm Ull You'res Playlist
8th 4-6pm Political Poplar Knull Playlist
1st 4-6pm The Throwaway Style and Poplar's Knull's Igneous Ejaculation Playlist
Sep 24th 4-6pm Jason's Poplar Kidney Knull Transplant Playlist
17th 4-6pm Upon Encountering The Crippled Poplar Knull Playlist
10th 4-6pm Back to School with Poplar Knull Playlist
3rd 2-6pm Poplar Knull Telethon For Rain - Four Hour Speciall Playlist
Aug 27th 4-6pm Poplar Knull's first anniversary special with special guest host Don Rickles Playlist
20th 4-6pm It's a Poplar, Poplar Knull Playlist
Jul 23rd 4-6pm Kate and William name their son Poplar Knull Playlist
16th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Steals Second Playlist
9th 4-6pm Time, Weather, and Poplar Knull's Hippie Freakout Playlist
2nd 4-6pm Red, White, and Poplar Knull Playlist
Jun 25th 4-6pm The Knull Set Ain't Poplar, It's Math Playlist
18th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Ties The Knot Playlist
11th 4-6pm Dance of The Inhabitants of Poplar Knull Playlist
May 21st 4-6pm Poplar Knull Gets Away Playlist
14th 4-6pm Poplar Knull: Also Sprach Zarathustra Playlist
7th 4-6pm Poplar Knull: Mining > States > Telephone Playlist
Apr 30th 4-6pm Poplar Knull: NBA Playoffs Playlist
23rd 4-6pm Poplar Knull: 4:23 Playlist
16th 4-6pm Poplar Knull: Taxes > Gardening Playlist
9th 4-6pm Poplar Knull: Septuple Meter Playlist
Mar 19th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
12th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
5th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
Feb 12th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
5th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
Jan 29th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
22nd 4-6pm Popular Knull Playlist
15th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
8th 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
2012 Dec 24th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
21st 4-6pm Poplar Knull Playlist
17th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
10th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
3rd 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
Nov 26th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
19th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
12th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
5th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
Oct 29th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
22nd 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
15th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
8th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
1st 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
Sep 24th 8-10am Poplar Knull Playlist
19th 10-12pm Poplar Knull Playlist
12th 10-12pm Poplar Knull Playlist
5th 10-12pm Poplar Knull Playlist
Aug 29th 10-12pm Poplar Knull Playlist
22nd 10-12am Poplar Knull Playlist
Jul 26th 12-2pm I'm a Greenhorn Playlist