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A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more from the US/UK and beyond!

Thu Dec 13th 2018 10.00pm–12.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: arizona

Playlist chat

11:03pm   Eric von Special Sauce

It was a mid-80s, what can I say

11:02pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Something went boom, that's for sure

11:02pm   Julio Peña (host)

This is a judgment free zone.

11:02pm   Eric von Special Sauce

< once passed out at a Sammy Hagar concert. Went to see opener Krokus, whatever

11:00pm   Eric von Special Sauce

What used to take two hours, now takes all day

11:00pm   Julio Peña (host)

I had forgottem about that burger and then you had to remind me.

10:59pm   Eric von Special Sauce


10:59pm   Eric von Special Sauce

This show is truly unsafe at any speed, except when you're going through a drive-thru, for a delicious Burger

10:58pm   Julio Peña (host)


10:58pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Wow. Also just heard the only Ralph Nader reference I've ever heard in rock music

10:56pm   Julio Peña (host)

Sammy Hagar found that out.

10:56pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Bang for the buck

10:55pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Double nickels will get you a dime

10:54pm   Julio Peña (host)

With Fast Cars, you just may get a collision.

10:54pm   Eric von Special Sauce


10:54pm   Eric von Special Sauce

No collision, yes cool punk, post-punk, noise, etc.

10:51pm   Julio Peña (host)

I hope you know what that vote will get ya!

10:49pm   Eric von Special Sauce

! Vote for Julio!

10:32pm   Eric von Special Sauce

:: sizzler ::

10:31pm   Julio Peña (host)

Now I want a burger, dangit.

10:30pm   Eric von Special Sauce

And burgers.

10:29pm   Julio Peña (host)

Hey, hey, hey. I can do a nickel per dollar.

10:29pm   Julio Peña (host)

Sounds like a fundraising challenge for next time.

10:29pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Or Julio will donate a penny for every dollar pledged

10:28pm   Eric von Special Sauce

I think this Burger analogy has some real legs on it by the way.. Maybe if you phone in your kxci donation within the parking lot of a commercial radio station Jeff will double your donation or something like that

10:27pm   Julio Peña (host)


10:26pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Wow, I really wish I could paste in the picture of that creepy sun god character from the Teletubbies right now

10:26pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Wrap yourself in the warmth of some soft fluffy buns.. For the cost of a premium Burger you can keep this station going for some period Of time

10:25pm   Julio Peña (host)

I think I lost meself.

10:22pm   Eric von Special Sauce

I think you just lost me in a 90s-era Dennis Miller show sub reference to the sub reference there, but I'm sure it was a good one

10:20pm   Julio Peña (host)

It's a statement of love, not an early-80s NWA wrestling promo.

10:19pm   Eric von Special Sauce

I subdivide KXCI

10:17pm   Eric von Special Sauce

The good-natured trash-talking that precedes your program is always amusing to me.

10:12pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Roger that

10:12pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Jeff wins.. again

10:12pm   Julio Peña (host)

Honestly, I don't check that email. Try juliopena10@gmail.com. Always available there.

10:11pm   Eric von Special Sauce

The courtesy of a reply is always appreciated, LOL.

10:11pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Set me on fire..

10:10pm   Julio Peña (host)

Will do. Springtime most likely

10:10pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Next fundraiser I'm there, hit me up brocephus..

10:10pm   Julio Peña (host)

It was getting close to an FCC violation there.

10:09pm   Eric von Special Sauce

It was rather amusing to hear you start making fun of Jeff, but then kind of trap yourself in your own web of double entendre

10:08pm   Julio Peña (host)

Checked. Will give those bands a listen later this weekend, thanks!

10:07pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Check your Gmail foo

10:07pm   Eric von Special Sauce

It's all about the sauce. Sign me up for a fun pack

10:05pm   Julio Peña (host)

Probably for the best at that moment. There was mention of "secret sauce"

10:04pm   Julio Peña (host)

$1 $2 $3!

10:04pm   Eric von Special Sauce

I heard something about Jeff having sesame seed buns and then my connection fizzled out..

10:04pm   Eric von Special Sauce

Dollar Menu

9:57pm   Julio Peña (host)



Iggy & The Stooges “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell”
from Raw Power (Columbia/Legacy 1973) —THE proto-punk album!


OFF! “Poison City”
from First Four EPs (Bonus Version) (Vice Music 2010) —Ongoing band fronted by Keith Morris of BLack Flag/Circle Jerks fame.


NoMeansNo “Oh No! Bruno!”
from Wrong (Alternative Tentacles 1989) —Perhaps the best punk band to come out of Canada. 1989 release.


Minutemen “This Ain't No Picnic”
from Double Nickels On the Dime (SST 1984) —From the San Pedro corndogs, Maike Watt, George Hurley, and the late D. Boon.


Gray Matter “Head”
from Take It Back (Dischord Records 1990) —More 80s Washington, D.C., punk!


Nü Sensae “Burnt Masks”
from Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze Records 2012) —One of the top albums from 2012, brought to us by this Canadian noise-punk band.


Sinking Suns “Vicious World”
from Bad Luck, Tragedy and Revenge (703818 Records DK 2014) —Defunct noise-rock band from Madison, WI.


Void “Get Out of My Way”
from Sessions 1981-83 (Dischord Records 2011) —80s hardcore punk from Washington, D.C.


Shaved Women “Static” (Pass Judgement Records 2011) —Hardcore punk from St. Louis.


Scratch Acid “She Said”
from The Greatest Gift (Touch and Go Records 1990) —80s noise punk from Texas, with David Yow on vocals.


Clockcleaner “New Slow”
from Nevermind (Reptilian Records 2006) —Great noise rock from Philadelphia!


Gauze “I Inari”
from Equalizing Distort (Selfish Records 1986) —80s Japanese hardcore punk.


Rudimentary Peni “Love Is Not”
from Death Church (Corpus Christi 1983) —80s anarcho-punk band from London with a slight goth edge.


BIG BLACK “Kerosene”
from Atomizer (Remastered) (Touch & Go Records 1986) —Steve Albini fronted 80s synth-punk.


The Fall “Mansion (Remastered)”
from This Nation’s Saving Grace (Expanded Edition) (Beggars Banquet 1985) —Wrap yourself in the warmth of KXCI.

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