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Fri 12.05AM–3.00AM

Moonlight Saving Time (MoonST) invites a whimsical night of Tucson stargazing to the dreamy classic pop and jazz standards of the 20s-50s. MoonST offers a memorable experience beyond traditional “oldies” stations by including refreshing modern interpretations and complimentary show-tunes in similar style or romantic spirit.


Hex Enduction Hours (Music)


A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more from the US/UK and beyond!

Thu Feb 21st 2019 10.00pm–12.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: arizona

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11:53pm   Julio Peña (host)

that be

11:52pm   Eric von Schnee

Fight the power,

11:51pm   Eric von Schnee

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

11:51pm   Julio Peña (host)

Ebtor's prison for us all!

11:50pm   Eric von Schnee

You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

11:49pm   Eric von Schnee

ooo goodie

11:48pm   Julio Peña (host)

I will credit you with snow next week if we get any tomorrow.

11:46pm   Eric von Schnee

" Friends call me Snow Miser Whatever I touch Turns to snow in my clutch! I'm too much I never wanna know a day That's over 40 degrees. I'd rather have it 30, 20 then 5. Let It Freeze! "

11:42pm   Eric von Schnee

Maybe partying will help

11:41pm   Julio Peña (host)


11:41pm   Eric von Schnee

D. Boon, RIP

11:38pm   Julio Peña (host)

Definitely the rhythm section. Don't even know how I discovered this band.

11:36pm   Eric von Schnee

Instrumental part of this BPA sounds a lot like gang of four. That's a good thing.

11:31pm   Eric von Schnee

:: participant ribbon ::

11:28pm   Julio Peña (host)

That can describe the show!

11:27pm   Eric von Schnee

Aaaahhh... low...bar

11:20pm   Julio Peña (host)


11:19pm   Eric von Schnee

Or so I've heard

11:19pm   Eric von Schnee

The level of denial with both urine-soaked garments, and commercial holiday revelry is about the same I guess

11:17pm   Eric von Schnee

If those holiday classics aren't immediately available, sure.

11:15pm   Julio Peña (host)

That what you wanna hear? We have several CDs in the studio

11:14pm   Eric von Schnee

Guess we're ready for some Pissed Jeans, lol

11:10pm   Julio Peña (host)

Funky so you can dance to it

11:08pm   Eric von Schnee


11:08pm   Eric von Schnee

No one said the under side of rock is pretty, or particularly good smelling

11:07pm   Eric von Schnee


11:07pm   Julio Peña (host)


11:06pm   Eric von Schnee

Maximizes volume for Nü Sensae

11:06pm   Julio Peña (host)

GOnna need a diaper pail

11:05pm   Eric von Schnee

:: fills glass,. pants::

11:03pm   Julio Peña (host)

All part of the plan

11:03pm   Eric von Schnee

dang E..

11:02pm   Eric von Schnee

By then you won't have to take bathroom breaks, since you'll be wearing adult diapers

11:02pm   Eric von Schnee

We been HypMOtized..

11:02pm   Julio Peña (host)

Maybe when the kid finally moves out

11:01pm   Eric von Schnee

Worth the investment of time, in my opinion. I have started and quit many shows, but the wire is worth it

11:00pm   Eric von Schnee

"Just a gangster, I suppose." Avon Barksdale

10:58pm   Julio Peña (host)

SOme day...

10:57pm   Eric von Schnee

Right up there with The sopranos in the Canon of cable-era must-see TV viewing

10:56pm   Eric von Schnee

Omar was a Bad@$$

10:56pm   Julio Peña (host)

Still haven't gotten around to viewing it.

10:55pm   Eric von Schnee

Wow a the wire concept album. Crazy, and totally worth it. That series was the schnizz

10:55pm   Julio Peña (host)

Never made that connection myself, but now it makes me think of the vocals in an ewl ight.

10:54pm   Eric von Schnee

Back on topic, I almost hear a Mark E. Smith influence on that McClusky vocal

10:52pm   Julio Peña (host)

You are obsessed!

10:52pm   Eric von Schnee

"I'm Mr. green Christmas I'm Mr. Sun. I'm Mr. Heat Blister I'm Mr. One Hundred and one They call me Heat Miser Whatever I touch Starts to melt in my clutch. I'm too much!"

10:46pm   Julio Peña (host)


10:43pm   Eric von Schnee

You lost me on the Ritz reference, but I'm half in the bag or really 7/8 in the bag

10:43pm   Julio Peña (host)

Besides, this whole thread is fake news

10:43pm   Julio Peña (host)


10:43pm   Eric von Schnee

And back to the music

10:43pm   Julio Peña (host)

Putin on the ritz

10:42pm   Eric von Schnee

Oh I might get banned, but no one reads this so it's okay

10:42pm   Julio Peña (host)

I suppose as long as neither are boiling a bunny on the stove.

10:42pm   Eric von Schnee

Too bad he's such a puto for Putin..

10:42pm   Julio Peña (host)

Sick commemorative coins, though, brah!

10:41pm   Eric von Schnee

He's just fighting crazy ego with crazy ego and it's almost kind of working sort of. I guess?

10:41pm   Julio Peña (host)

I would, too, if North Korea had stopped Noth Koreaing

10:41pm   Eric von Schnee

Only real achievement over the last two years in my opinion. And the bar has been lowered very significantly.

10:40pm   Eric von Schnee

I will give the orange one credit for resuming some kind of dialogue with the last big power that is outside of diplomatic relations

10:39pm   Julio Peña (host)

Kim wrote me the most beautiful letters...

10:38pm   Eric von Schnee


10:38pm   Eric von Schnee

"the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

10:38pm   Julio Peña (host)

Eat the rich!

10:38pm   Eric von Schnee

Or any of the other previous administrations really, but this one brings it home more than probably since Reagan

10:37pm   Eric von Schnee

Not fitting the mold of corporate Trump-merica

10:36pm   Eric von Schnee

We're out here..

10:32pm   Julio Peña (host)

That's what it feels like to play this music on the air. Like I am in the island of misfit toys.

10:31pm   Eric von Schnee

Fight the powder

10:31pm   Eric von Schnee

".. he's too much.."

10:30pm   Eric von Schnee

I feel like I'm stranded on the island of misfit toys

10:28pm   Julio Peña (host)

Hell, just play the original.

10:28pm   Eric von Schnee

Wow this might be the bleakest dinosaur Jr I've ever heard. Nice deep cut as usual

10:27pm   Eric von Schnee

He's mr. Snow miser..

10:26pm   Eric von Schnee

If you mean those rankin- bass classics bring it on. Especially if there are punk versions. Anything wrestling or novellas whatever.. that's your game little man

10:25pm   Eric von Schnee

Und man sagt "Schnay" auf Spanglisch

10:24pm   Julio Peña (host)

You gonna make me play these songs?

10:24pm   Eric von Schnee

Dang.. soap opera.. wrestling.. funny how these are both the lowest common denominator forms of entertainment in both the US and Mexico..

10:22pm   Eric von Schnee

"I never wanna know a day That's under 60 degrees. I'd rather have it 80, 90, 100 degrees!.."

10:19pm   Eric von Schnee

Anyone who says that is old..

10:19pm   Eric von Schnee

... I'm Mister hundred and one..

10:17pm   Julio Peña (host)

THree decades doesn't seem like a long time

10:16pm   Eric von Schnee

No accounting for taste.

10:16pm   Eric von Schnee

Only three decades ago, what the heck

10:15pm   Julio Peña (host)


10:15pm   Julio Peña (host)

Apparently Bob Mould is a big wrasslin' fan.

10:14pm   Eric von Schnee

Probably mentioned it before, but I saw them in Indianapolis in a medium small club on the warehouse tour. That's about all I remember really. Other than it sounded great.

10:13pm   Eric von Schnee

Crazy. Kind of like that one or two games where Bill Murray did color filling in for Harry caray

10:10pm   Julio Peña (host)

Just in 1999

10:10pm   Eric von Schnee

No way? Day job?

10:09pm   Eric von Schnee

Oof, how about powdered sugar on your sopapillas? This is a family radio show after all

10:09pm   Julio Peña (host)

DId you know he was a writer for World Championship Wrestling?

10:08pm   Eric von Schnee

Bob Mould knows

10:08pm   Julio Peña (host)

A soft sprinkling, like a dash of cocaine on your tacos.

10:08pm   Eric von Schnee

I laugh at your so-called weather

10:07pm   Eric von Schnee

Bring it on baby, I shoveled out of the Blizzard of 78, I think I can handle a weenie Tucson dusting

10:07pm   Julio Peña (host)

Goodbye, Santa. :(

10:06pm   Eric von Schnee

I'm Mister heat miser, I'm Mister sun

10:03pm   Julio Peña (host)

Get your snow boots ready!


The Wipers “No Fair”
from Youth of America (Zeno Records 1981) —Sophomore studio album from the great Wipers!


The Middle Class “Situations”
from Out of Vogue: The Early Material (Frontier 2008) —Late 70s punk that laid the groundwork for much of the 80s hardcore punk that followed.


Vast Majority “Throwdown”
from I Wanna Be A Number EP (Wild Do Records 1980) —Early 80s Texan punk band.


Minutemen “The Glory of Man”
from Double Nickels On the Dime (SST 1984) —Classic Minutemen!


BPA “Buyer Beware”
from Maybe Use My Knife (1980-1986) (Kulture Music Unlimited 2005) —Early 80s post-punk from Cincinatti.


The Fall “Middle Mass”
from Slates (Sanctuary 2004) —1981 EP from Mark E. Smith and company.


The Mekons “Never Been In A Riot”
from Punk Rock (Quarterstick Records 2004) —British rock band formed in the late 70s.


Pissed Jeans “The Bar Is Low”
from Why Love Now (Sub Pop Records 2017) R  —Another great release from this Pennsylvanian noise rock band.


Boris “Hama”
from Amplifier Worship (Southern Lord Recordings 2003) —Originally released in 1998 by the acclaimed Japanese noise-rock band.


Cave In “Retina Sees Rewind”
from Planets of Old - EP (Hydra Head Records 2009) —Massachusetts noise rock band formed in 1995.


Daughters “The Dead Singer”
from Daughters (Hydra Head Records 2010) —Providence, RI, noise rock band.


Nü Sensae “Eat Your Mind”
from Sundowning (Suicide Squeeze Records 2012) —2012 release from this Canadian noise-rock trio.


Iron Lung “Storage Unit”
from Demonstrations In Pressure and Volume (625 Thrashcore 2001) —Punk rock duo from Seattle.


OFF! “Hypnotized”
from Wasted Years (Vice 2014) —Ongoing band fronted by Keith Morris of BLack Flag/Circle Jerks fame.


Rites Of Spring “Remainder”
from Rites of Spring (Dischord 1985) —Before Fugazi, singer/guitarist Guy Picciotto and drummer Brendan Canty were 1/2 of this 80s punk group out of Washington, D.C.


Waxeater “Omar Comin'”
from Baltimore Record (Latest Flame 2013) —2013 concept album about HBO's "The Wire" from this American noise-rock band.


Mclusky “That Man Will Not Hang”
from The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not On Fire (Too Pure 2004) —From the 2004 album by this now defunct Welsh noise-rock band.


Feedtime “Long Haul”
from Billy (Amphetamine Reptile 1996) —Late 80s/early 90s noise rock from Australia.


Rusted Shut “Come to the Well”
from Rehab (Emperor Jones 2004) —Houston noise-rock band formed in 1986.


Destruction Unit “The World on Drugs”
from Deep Trip (Sacred Bones 2013) L —Awesome 2013 release from this Arizona band.


Trans AM “Slow Response”
from Red Line (Thrill Jockey 2000) —Post-rock? What is this?


Dinosaur Jr. “Don't”
from Bug (SST 1988) —1988 release from J. Mascis and company.


Sex Prisoner “Lost Everything”
from State Property (Bad Teeth Recordings 2013) L —Tucson's very own! Playing at House of Bard March 2nd.


Gauze “Fact and Criminal”
from Equalizing Distort (Selfish Records 1986) —Great Japanese 80s hardcore punk band.


Disorder “Rampton Song”
from The Complete Disorder (Anagram 1991) —80s English punk band. Song originally dedicated to Amebix drummer Martin Rampton.


D.O.A. “Slumlord”
from Hardcore '81 (Sudden Death 2002) —Cited (by whom?) as Canada's first hardcore punk band.


Die Kreuzen “Land of Treason”
from Gone Away (Touch & Go Records 1990) —Scorching Germs cover from this 80s Milwaukee hardcore punk band.


Hüsker Dü “Chartered Trips”
from Zen Arcade (SST 1984) —Taken from the band's influential 1984 double LP.


Void “who are you?”
from Faith / Void (Dischord 1985) —Legendary Void/Faith split from 1985.


The Fall “Mansion (Remastered)”
from This Nation’s Saving Grace (Expanded Edition) (Beggars Banquet 1985) —WOOOOO!

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