KXSC 1560AM/kxsc.org

KXSC - USC's Independent Student Radio Station

Wednesday November 1st 2017

Time zone: pacific

1.00am Let's Have a Laugh (Music) AIVIEO Playlist
3.00am The Lost Cassettes (Music) Jurow and Buckets Playlist
3.00am KXSC 3am - 4am The Robot Playlist
4.00am KXSC 4am - 5am The Robot Playlist
7.00am Waves (Music) LakeLake Playlist
8.00am wax and gold (Music) dj drummond Playlist
9.00am KXSC 9am - 10am The Robot Playlist
10.00am KXSC 10am - 11am The Robot Playlist
10.00am Tasty Platter (Music) DJ Brown Bread Playlist
11.00am Just Peachy (Music) Veronica Playlist
12.00pm Mystery Time (Music) DJ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Playlist
1.00pm Talk Show Radio (Music) Brad Valentine Playlist
2.00pm Substitute Teacher (Music) dj @uncle_tash Playlist
3.00pm The Sports Hour (Music) Sebastian McCrimmon Playlist
3.00pm KXSC 3pm - 4pm The Robot Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
4.00pm Bitchfork (Music) DJ Lil Gnocchi Playlist
5.00pm KXSC 5pm - 6pm The Robot Playlist
6.00pm KXSC 6pm - 7pm The Robot Playlist
7.00pm KXSC 7pm - 8pm The Robot Playlist
7.00pm Conditioning (Music) Jung Hollywood Playlist
8.00pm economic anxiety (Music) dj cool no worries Playlist
9.00pm Designer Radio (Music) Spring / Summer '16 Playlist
10.00pm WEAPONS FM (Music) ARCTIC Playlist