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KXSC - USC's Independent Student Radio Station

Tuesday November 7th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Dreaming (Music) StripedBeatle Playlist
1.00am Kirby's Air Ride (Music) Kirby_Heat Playlist
1.00am KXSC 1am - 2am The Robot Playlist
2.00am KXSC 2am - 3am The Robot Playlist
2.00am 1969 Westclox Moonbeam 42000X Alarm Clock (Music) JT Tomlinson Playlist
3.00am KXSC 3am - 4am The Robot Playlist
5.00am KXSC 5am - 6am The Robot Playlist
6.00am KXSC 6am - 7am The Robot Playlist
6.00am Pop Tart (Music) dj cbay Playlist
7.00am Indie-Cision (Music) Meeks Playlist
8.00am The Rat Rodeo (Music) DJ Refried Breans Playlist
9.00am Yada Yada (Music) DJ Saabs Playlist
10.00am Brit(ish) Invasion (Music) DJ Britmin Playlist
11.00am sonder (Music) DJ ilaka Playlist
12.00pm KXSC 12pm - 1pm The Robot Playlist
12.00pm Coconut Incense (Music) Beatmaster Bert Playlist
1.00pm Ice Cream Antisocial (Music) Satanic Mother Playlist
1.00pm KXSC 1pm - 2pm The Robot Playlist
2.00pm KXSC 2pm - 3pm The Robot Playlist
3.00pm KXSC 3pm - 4pm The Robot Playlist
3.00pm Peanuts Inc. (Music) DJ Elon Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
4.30pm The Deep Web Family Hour (Music) Nick, the Intern Playlist
5.00pm KXSC 5pm - 6pm The Robot Playlist
6.00pm That B*tch You Hate (Music) Bareback Kuntessa Playlist
6.00pm KXSC 6pm - 7pm The Robot Playlist
7.00pm Get Down On It (Music) Liv Playlist
7.00pm Half and Half (Music) DJ Good Night's Sleep Playlist
8.00pm KXSC 8pm - 9pm The Robot Playlist
8.00pm Late Night A and R (Music) Jurow and Buckets Playlist
9.00pm Pieces of the Phunk (Music) Jurow and Buckets Playlist
11.00pm KXSC 11pm - 12am The Robot Playlist
11.00pm 100% More Dank (Music) Miranda Playlist