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KXSC - USC's Independent Student Radio Station

Friday February 9th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am WEAPONS FM (Music) ARCTIC Playlist
1.00am Natural Frequencies (Music) Skinny Genes Playlist
2.00am 2 Ruff 4 Radio (Music) DJ Dwight Playlist
3.00am KXSC 3am - 4am The Robot Playlist
3.00am Just Play the Hits (Music) DJ Seen Leewow Playlist
4.00am KXSC 4am - 5am The Robot Playlist
5.00am The SoundCloud Social (Music) Connor Wilson Playlist
5.00am KXSC 5am - 6am The Robot Playlist
6.00am KXSC 6am - 7am The Robot Playlist
6.00am It Smells Loud in Here (Music) DJ Stinky Playlist
7.00am KXSC 7am - 8am The Robot Playlist
8.00am Corporate Finance (Music) chris christi Playlist
9.00am KXSC 9am - 10am The Robot Playlist
10.00am KXSC 10am - 11am The Robot Playlist
11.00am KXSC 11am - 12pm The Robot Playlist
12.00pm In Transit (Music) DJ Pollux Playlist
12.00pm KXSC 12pm - 1pm The Robot Playlist
12.00pm In Transit (Music) DJ Pollux Playlist
1.00pm Tasty Platter (Music) DJ Brown Bread Playlist
2.00pm Get LAed (Music) Tina Playlist
3.00pm KXSC 3pm - 4pm The Robot Playlist
3.00pm It's Eclectic! (Music) Raj R. Rabbit Playlist
3.00pm The Live Show (Music) Csabzzz Playlist
6.00pm KXSC 6pm - 7pm The Robot Playlist
6.00pm Art of Space Radio (Music) swanbird Playlist
7.00pm Kinetic Classic (Music) dj cbay Playlist
7.00pm KXSC 7pm - 8pm The Robot Playlist
8.00pm More Brains (Music) DJ Kaleidoscope Playlist
9.00pm The Current (Music) Osairis Playlist
11.00pm KXSC 11pm - 12am The Robot Playlist
11.00pm Notebooks and Grimey Hooks (Music) DJ paperjam Playlist