Tuesday April 24th 2018

Time zone: pacific

1.00am MOE GREEN & STRIPEDBEATLE POWER HOUR (Music) StripedBeatle Playlist
3.00am An Intimate Evening with Sterling Rios (Music) DJ Milk Steak Playlist
5.00am Goth O'Clock (Music) DJ Mystery Meat Playlist
6.00am Disco Breakfast (Music) DJ Mystery Meat Playlist
7.00am KXSC 7am - 8am The Robot Playlist
8.00am KXSC 8am - 9am The Robot Playlist
9.00am KXSC 9am - 10am The Robot Playlist
10.00am Sadboys LLC: A New Dawn (Music) Tim Horton Playlist
11.00am KXSC 11am - 12pm The Robot Playlist
11.00am Radio Y3K (Music) Elias Playlist
12.00pm Music We Haven't Heard Yet w/chipsNicecream (Music) RAMIIRO Playlist
2.30pm what's the theme again? (Music) dj salve Playlist
3.00pm what's the theme again? a bit mellowed this time (Music) dj salve Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
4.30pm The Psychonautical Playground (Music) StripedBeatle Playlist
6.00pm The Bear's Den (Music) The Bear Playlist
8.00pm So It Goes... (Music) Madame Psychosis Playlist
8.30pm ChunesALmighty w/RAMIIRO (Music) Spring / Summer '16 Playlist
11.00pm Dreaming (Music) StripedBeatle Playlist
11.00pm Designer Radio (Music) Spring / Summer '16 Playlist
11.30pm Golden Boys (Music) DJ Elon Playlist