Wednesday April 25th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am The Sun Also Rises (Music) Connor Wilson Playlist
2.00am The Life and Times (Music) Trashmouth Playlist
7.00am It's Not a Phase, Mom (Music) J-ME Playlist
7.30am Hump Day Tunes (Music) dj elon musk and dj jeff bezos Playlist
8.00am wax and gold (Music) dj drummond Playlist
9.00am Violeta y Austina (Music) Raj R. Rabbit Playlist
10.00am The Mothership (Music) DJ DadCap Playlist
12.00pm Angus the Dog (Music) Dan Schmeier Playlist
1.00pm super EUROBEAT hour w/ sean n bex (Music) dj normal korean Playlist
1.00pm KXSC 1pm - 2pm The Robot Playlist
2.00pm KXSC 2pm - 3pm The Robot Playlist
3.00pm KXSC 3pm - 4pm The Robot Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
5.00pm KXSC 5pm - 6pm The Robot Playlist
7.00pm KXSC 7pm - 8pm The Robot Playlist
8.00pm So It Goes... (Music) Madame Psychosis Playlist
8.00pm KXSC 8pm - 9pm The Robot Playlist
9.00pm 2 Ruff 4 Radio (Music) DJ Dwight Playlist
10.00pm The Wavelength (Music) Lil Gog Playlist