Wednesday August 30th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Fables of the Reconstruction (Music) DJ Mystery Meat Playlist
1.00am Let's Have a Laugh (Music) Alana Playlist
3.00am The Lost Cassettes (Music) DJ Kaleidoscope Playlist
3.00am KXSC 3am - 4am The Robot Playlist
5.00am KXSC 5am - 6am The Robot Playlist
5.00am the xyz room after hours (Music) Frums Playlist
6.00am KXSC 6am - 7am The Robot Playlist
7.00am Waves (Music) LakeLake Playlist
7.00am KXSC 7am - 8am The Robot Playlist
8.00am KXSC 8am - 9am The Robot Playlist
8.30am wax&gold (Music) LakeLake Playlist
9.00am KXSC 9am - 10am The Robot Playlist
9.00am Rakiura (Music) Kaytralana Playlist
10.00am Tasty Platter (Music) DJ Brown Bread Playlist
10.00am KXSC 10am - 11am The Robot Playlist
11.00am Just Peachy (Music) Veronica Playlist
12.00pm Mystery Time (Music) DJ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Playlist
1.00pm KXSC 1pm - 2pm The Robot Playlist
1.00pm Talk Show Radio (Music) Brad Valentine Playlist
2.00pm freak of the week (Music) DJ Tanner Playlist
3.00pm The Sports Hour (Music) Sebastian McCrimmon Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
4.00pm Bitchfork (Music) DJ Tanner Playlist
6.00pm KXSC 6pm - 7pm The Robot Playlist
6.00pm WNS (Sport) J Sizzle Playlist
7.00pm Conditioning (Music) Jung Hollywood Playlist
7.00pm KXSC 7pm - 8pm The Robot Playlist
8.00pm economic anxiety (Music) dj cool no worries Playlist
9.00pm Designer Radio (Music) Spring / Summer '16 Playlist
10.00pm WEAPONS FM (Music) ARCTIC Playlist