Tuesday February 14th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Mad Science (Music) DJ pay-per-jam Playlist
1.00am Space Camp (Music) Auxiliary Priest Playlist
7.00am morning becomes BASIC! (Music) jojolats Playlist
8.00am A More Iconic Duo (Music) DJ Plato Playlist
9.00am Rakiura (Music) Kaytralana Playlist
10.00am Brit(ish) Invasion (Music) DJ Britmin Playlist
11.00am Down Stream (Music) Kirby_Heat Playlist
12.00pm Pieces of the Phunk (Music) Jurow and Buckets Playlist
2.00pm Mood (Music) Veronica Playlist
3.00pm Death Drop (Music) Bareback Kuntessa Playlist
4.00pm Synthesizer (Music) DJ Space Playlist
5.00pm kins spins (Music) Kins Playlist
7.00pm 1015DT (Music) naomi Playlist
8.00pm Strange Cargo (Music) Elias Playlist
9.00pm Club Strategies (Music) Carrie Playlist
10.00pm 100% More Dank (Music) Miranda Playlist
11.00pm bone mountain (Music) bone daddy Playlist