Friday January 26th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am WEAPONS FM (Music) ARCTIC Playlist
1.00am Natural Frequencies (Music) Skinny Genes Playlist
2.00am 2 Ruff 4 Radio (Music) DJ Dwight Playlist
2.00am 2 Ruff 4 Radio (Music) DJ Dwight Playlist
3.00am Just Play the Hits (Music) DJ Seen Leewow Playlist
3.00am KXSC 3am - 4am The Robot Playlist
4.00am KXSC 4am - 5am The Robot Playlist
5.00am KXSC 5am - 6am The Robot Playlist
5.00am The SoundCloud Social (Music) Connor Wilson Playlist
6.00am It Smells Loud in Here (Music) DJ Stinky Playlist
7.00am La Unica Musica (Music) DJ mira Playlist
7.00am KXSC 7am - 8am The Robot Playlist
8.00am Corporate Finance (Music) chris christi Playlist
8.00am KXSC 8am - 9am The Robot Playlist
9.00am KXSC 9am - 10am The Robot Playlist
9.00am Sound Interrupted (Music) Kristin Playlist
10.00am KXSC 10am - 11am The Robot Playlist
11.00am KXSC 11am - 12pm The Robot Playlist
11.00am Side Slice or Main Squeeze? (Music) Clementine Playlist
12.00pm In Transit (Music) DJ Pollux Playlist
1.00pm Tasty Platter (Music) DJ Brown Bread Playlist
2.00pm Get LAed (Music) Tina Playlist
3.00pm KXSC 3pm - 4pm The Robot Playlist
3.30pm It's Eclectic! (Music) Raj R. Rabbit Playlist
4.00pm KXSC 4pm - 5pm The Robot Playlist
5.00pm KXSC 5pm - 6pm The Robot Playlist
6.00pm Art of Space Radio (Music) swanbird Playlist
6.00pm KXSC 6pm - 7pm The Robot Playlist
7.00pm Claire De Lune (Music) dj cbay Playlist
8.00pm More Brains (Music) DJ Kaleidoscope Playlist
9.00pm KXSC 9pm - 10pm The Robot Playlist
9.00pm The Current (Music) Osairis Playlist
11.00pm Notebooks and Grimey Hooks (Music) DJ pay-per-jam Playlist