88.1 FM KZSC Santa Cruz

From the redwood trees to the seas

Thursday February 2nd 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am So Fresh, So Clean (Other) Max Jaeger Playlist
6.00am Here, There and Everywhere (Rock (Classic)) JUST VISITING Playlist
9.00am Joy in the Morning (Reggae) DJ Tiffany Playlist
1.00pm Love Bug (Eclectic mix) Jazzy J Playlist
2.00pm The Old Cold River (Rock (Indie)) DJPK Playlist
4.00pm From the Heart (World) Zaphod Playlist
7.00pm Nightowl (RPM) Crux Playlist
8.30pm The Endless Bummer (Rock (Indie)) Jaws Playlist
10.00pm Hips, Lips, Catharsis (Eclectic mix) ROYGBIV Playlist