KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1

From the redwood trees to the seas

Thursday March 5th 2015

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Rumble in the Woods (RPM) eXist Playlist
6.00am Here, There and Everywhere (Rock (Classic)) SOUL PATCH Playlist
9.00am Joy in the Morning (Reggae) JT Playlist
12.00pm Cross Stitch (World) Fizooka Playlist
1.00pm London Calling (Rock (Indie)) Jonathan Zavaleta Playlist
2.00pm Revolutions Per Minute (Other) Jonathan Zavaleta Playlist
4.00pm Afro-Beat Special (World) R Playlist
7.00pm Swimmin' with the Sharks (Rock (Classic)) Jaws Playlist
8.30pm DJs South of the Bay (RPM) AYTON Playlist
10.00pm The OhFaSho (Hip-Hop) Baloo Playlist