88.1 FM KZSC Santa Cruz

From the redwood trees to the seas

Tuesday May 9th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Angry, Young, and Dorm (Punk) The Anarchist Playlist
2.00am Generations (Eclectic mix) Nightwuds Playlist
6.00am Two Steps From The Blues (Blues) Lani Playlist
9.00am All Fruits Ripe (Reggae) Daddy Spleece Playlist
12.00pm Clam Chops (Jazz) Rocko Playlist
1.00pm Jazzmatazz (Jazz) Arya Playlist
3.30pm Glazed Over (Eclectic mix) Eve Playlist
8.00pm Well, What's Weird? (Talk/Public Affairs) DJ Drought Playlist
9.00pm E(femme)ral Pleasures (Womens) dj même Playlist
10.00pm Queen Beats (Hip-Hop) Jinx Playlist