88.1 FM KZSC Santa Cruz

From the redwood trees to the seas

Sunday May 14th 2017

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Menagerie (Eclectic mix) MoKat Playlist
12.00am Que te importa! (Español) melcriada Playlist
2.00am Before Vintage (Other) safetynet Playlist
6.00am Whimsical Will O'Wisps (Folk) D-NA Playlist
9.00am Breakfast in Bed (Womens) DJ Compost Playlist
12.00pm Backroads (Folk) Jeff Emery Playlist
2.00pm Radio Behind the Diner (Other) Cassette Dream Playlist
4.00pm Hex Enduction Hour (Rock (Classic)) R Playlist
6.30pm The Emo Show Null (Punk) Firey Nairi Playlist
8.30pm Free Verse (Eclectic mix) Q Playlist
10.00pm From the Swamps (Rock (Loud)) DJ Catfish Playlist