88.1 FM KZSC Santa Cruz

From the redwood trees to the seas

Thursday April 19th 2018

Time zone: pacific

12.00am Bass Sinatrarchy (Eclectic mix) Dan Woo Playlist
6.00am Here, There and Everywhere (Rock (Classic)) DJane Playlist
9.00am Joy in the Morning (Reggae) Daddy Spleece Playlist
1.00pm Out Front, Outback (Jazz) Larry Blood Playlist
3.00pm Shred Cruz (Rock (Indie)) DJ Peach Playlist
4.00pm Recuerdos (Español) tunamel Playlist
5.30pm Voces Criticas (Talk/Public Affairs) DJ Cusco Playlist
7.00pm Banana Breath Podcast Coalition (Talk/Public Affairs) JUST VISITING Playlist
8.30pm Santa Cruz Lab for Dance-Based Sciences (Soul/Funk) JUST VISITING Playlist