KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1

From the redwood trees to the seas

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Time zone: pacific

6.00am Country Fried (Country) Aimdog Hamslice Playlist
9.00am Local Brew (Rock (Indie)) Aimdog Hamslice Playlist
12.00pm Jazz Kitty (Jazz) BlueJay (aka Jen Neal) Playlist
2.00pm Afro-beat Special (World) R Playlist
4.00pm Living In The '80s (Rock (Classic)) DJ Danny On The Radio Playlist
6.30pm Strictly Rockers (Reggae) DJ YB Playlist
8.30pm The Emo-show-null (Rock (Indie)) Kellen Soares Playlist
10.00pm Laughtrack (Other) Guttersnipe Playlist