88.1 FM KZSC Santa Cruz

From the redwood trees to the seas

Thursday November 5th 2009

Time zone: pacific

12.30am Latin Groove (Hip-Hop) DJ Joeka Playlist
3.00am Mystery Spot (Other) DJ Apple Playlist
6.00am Here, There and Everywhere (Rock (Classic)) DJ Apple Playlist
12.00pm Dream Scream (Rock (Indie)) Sonja Playlist
2.00pm Post-Post (Rock (Indie)) Mucho Maas Playlist
4.00pm Across the World (Rock (Indie)) DJ Brozart Playlist
8.00pm Pocket Full of Marsupials (Rock (Indie)) Vivienne Le Fay Playlist
9.30pm Cabinet of Curiosities (Other) Vivienne Le Fay Playlist
10.30pm The Sledge (Rock (Loud)) Timothy Sledge Playlist