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Shampoo Banana (Variety)

welcome to shampoo banana from Champaign Urbana

With Z-hang

Sat Oct 20th 2018 10.00pm–11.00pm

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Time zone: central

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11:02pm   harekrishnacomp

y'all welcome

11:01pm   harekrishnacomp

i agree with ur high standards hot cheese

10:57pm   harekrishnacomp


10:55pm   Z-hang (host)

I agree Eon

10:54pm   Eon

I don't know much about kpop, but this is so pretty. It's the kind of comforting song that I would want with me in a crowd

10:48pm   Liam Stewart

both definitely both

10:47pm   Z-hang (host)

definitely Eon

10:47pm   Z-hang (host)

oh unless you meant the other song before this one sounded like the beach

10:47pm   Eon

totally different than the original, but it works so well.

10:46pm   Z-hang (host)

you're close liam! I'll talk about it later

10:46pm   Liam Stewart

ahhhhhh this beat is fun

10:43pm   Liam Stewart

this one sounds like the beach

10:41pm   Z-hang (host)

yeah I def agree guys

10:40pm   Liam Stewart

I like how that one sounded so light and upbeat

10:37pm   Eon

I love this so much. There's something bright but intimate about it.

10:34pm   hot cheese


10:33pm   hot cheese

quiet in the sheets quiet in the streets

10:33pm   Z-hang (host)

I agree Eon

10:32pm   Eon

Her voice is gorgeous. This song is perfect for a rainy day

10:31pm   harekrishnacomp

what kind of life do u live dj hot cheese???

10:25pm   Z-hang (host)

yeah I thought the instrumental was cool af

10:23pm   jarodthelen

that song was pretty cool

10:20pm   Z-hang (host)


10:19pm   harekrishnacomp

that intro was fantastic

10:19pm   Liam Stewart

diggin this

10:19pm   harekrishnacomp

oh damn

10:17pm   SteelBridge

That switch up tho

10:16pm   Z-hang (host)

haha me too

10:16pm   Liam Stewart

I think I like this version better

10:16pm   Z-hang (host)

yeah Eon it definitely does!

10:15pm   Eon

this has such a good barbershop/a cappella vibe :)

10:13pm   Z-hang (host)

hello liam welcome

10:13pm   Z-hang (host)


10:12pm   harekrishnacomp

that one was baller

10:11pm   Liam Stewart

I love the Bass

10:06pm   harekrishnacomp

gucci so far man


Pomplamoose “Make me feel”
from Make Me Feel - Single N


Akdong Musician “Eyes, Nose, Lips” Single


Austin Webber “Mamma mia” Single


Eva Cassidy “Songbird”


Pomplamoose “Jamirobeegees Mashup: Stayin' Alive / Virtual Insanity”
from Jamirobeegees Mashup: Stayin' Alive / Virtual Insanity - Single


Juliana Chahayed “Redbone” Single


DJ Khaled “Wild Thoughts (Medasin Dance Remix)” Single (2018)


Angelique Kidjo “Born Under Punches”
from Remain in Light


Postmodern Jukebox “Closer” Single


Monsune “The Less I Know the Better/Daffodils” Single N


Kerri Watt “You (Oliver Nelson Remix)”
from You (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Single

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