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Sleepwalker (Music)

Electronic, New, avant garde, jazz, world, hip hop, Funk, independent.

Thu Feb 22nd 2018 6.00am–8.00am

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Time zone: mountain


K15 “Sunbeams” (Eglo Records 2018)


Hieroglyphic Being “Culdees”
from The Acid Documents (Soul Jazz Records 2013) —Has a new album out


CiM “Do Not Multiply Models” (Ann Aimee (Delsin) 2000)


NHK yx Koyxen “meeting”
from Exit Entrance (DFA Records 2017)


ISAN “Leonardo's Formula”
from Glass Bird Movement (Morr Music 2016) —Glass Bird Movement is Antony Ryan and Robin Saville’s eighth studio album since they have started the project two decades ago. Exchanging ideas between England and Denmark, where Ryan currently resides


Dgohn “So Be It, Lumbricina”
from So Be It, Lumbricina - Single (Love Love Records 2018) —The title track takes a fresh look at the amen break, finding ways to breathe new life into it. Soaring above the clouds on thick warm pads, the drums thunder with a blissful rage propelled forwards by a rumbling bassline.


Mount Kimbie “Turtle Neck Man” (Warp 2018) —Today, coinciding with the announcement of a US tour, Mount Kimbie have shared another King Krule collaboration, “Turtle Neck Man.” Taken from the sessions that produced Love What Survives, “Turtle Neck Man” is a previously unheard song built on vaporous


Funkstörung “A Bottle, a Box, and a Mic”
from Appetite for Disctruction (!K7 Records 2000)


Abfahrt Hinwil “Tech7”
from Links Berge Rechts Seen (Toytronic 2002)


Terekke “BB2”
from Plant Age (L.I.E.S. 2017)


Le ciel “Gimmik”
from Back to Basics (Toytronic ‎ 2003)


Rob Clouth “The Smallest Measurable Space”
from Hidden Structures (Leisure System)


Proem “Jitterrriii”
from Enough Conflict (n5MD 2010)


S>>D “Habu”
from Co Intel PRO (Central Processing Unit 2018)


Certain Creatures “Tachyon”
from Nasadiya Sukta (Mysteries of the Deep 2018) —CERTAIN CREATURES is the alias of Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Chapoy, and Nasadiya Sukta was crafted especially for Mysteries of the Deep. Divided into six tracks, Nasadiya coheres into a single extraterrestrial mass, its beautiful understated elegance e


RYUICHI SAKAMOTO “async (Arca Remix)”
from Async - Remodels (Editions Milan Music 2018) —The Japanese composer's first solo album after eight years and a battle with throat cancer is marvelous, using a bounty of textures, moods, and ambience from his esteemed four-decade-long career.


Johny Greenwood “Never Cursed”
from Phantom Thread (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Nonesuch Records Inc. 2018) —Recorded with a 60-piece orchestra, the Radiohead member’s score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film is as lavish as its high-fashion, old-money backdrop.


Stars of the Lid “Summertimes”
from Carte-de-visite (Stars of the Lid 2007) —f Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie.


CV & JAB “Hot tub”
from Zin Taylor's Thoughts of a Dot As It Travels a Surface (Shelter Press 2018) —CV & JAB is Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett, two artists that might already be familiar to many of you from their individual work over the years for the Kranky and Spectrum Spools labels. Together they have made this slowly engrossing album for Sh


J.G. Biberkopf “Delirium”
from Fountain of Meaning - EP (Danse Noire 2017) —Lithuanian producer narrows the conceptual lens, and his music comes into clearer focus. This EP centres on the image of the fountain. As Biberkopf says, these once had a practical use, as a public source of water, but are now mostly a "sexualised archite


Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement “Beyond the Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (with Silent Servant)”
from Ambient Black Magic (Hospital Productions 2017) —Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement presents the sounds of an imaginary world disguised as recordings of nature. Ambient Black Magic subverts relaxing nature tape tropes with sinister atmospheres, highlighting the danger lurking behind the trees and under th

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