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The Jheri Curl Chronicles (Music)

A trip through '80s soul, R&B, funk, dance and hip-hop, hosted by Mike Joseph.

Wed Mar 21st 2018 8.00pm–10.00pm

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Time zone: eastern

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9:47pm   Mike Joseph (host)

i gotta check that out

9:47pm   nivlaC

Season 17 Episode 2, October 5, 1991

9:47pm   MCHeadcase

That reminds me that you wanted me to remind you to check out Todd in the Shadows' videos. He actually put "Shake You Down" on his list of the worst hit songs of 1987.

9:45pm   nivlaC

I remember them putting on a great performance, especially of I Adore Mi Amor. Their harmonies were on point in that one. They got kinda slept on in my opinion

9:45pm   MCHeadcase

Wasn't expecting you to bust out the Gregory Abbott.

9:44pm   Mike Joseph (host)

they were on SNL?

9:44pm   nivlaC

I shouldn't have fond memories of Color Me Badd given that I was in like 1st grade during their heyday, but I Wanna Sex You Up and I Adore Mi Amor have a cemented spot in my brain because of the time they performed on SNL

9:35pm   nivlaC

JCC Movie night, i'm all for it!!

9:29pm   Mike Joseph (host)

whatttt??? CALVIN!!

9:29pm   nivlaC

*existed until just now

9:29pm   nivlaC

Was not aware Sweet Freedom was part of the soundtrack to Running Scared. Also was not aware that Sweet Freedom existed just now. *adding this to my ever-growing list of Michael McDonald songs I love for reasons I can't understand*

9:23pm   Mike Joseph (host)


9:23pm   Mike Joseph (host)


9:14pm   nivlaC

*friendly reminder, today is the 21st*

9:02pm   Mike Joseph (host)

that's my goal!!

8:59pm   nivlaC

Ok, "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" definitely makes me think about summer

8:55pm   Mike Joseph (host)


8:48pm   nivlaC

This has been a pretty sweet mix so far

8:38pm   Mike Joseph (host)

*waving back*

8:35pm   nivlaC

*waves to everyone in the studio*

8:34pm   Mike Joseph (host)

Thanks Nick!!

8:33pm   MCHeadcase

Loving the show so far. I do like that it's not just songs about summer, cause that's what I thought of when I saw you post about it on FB.


Al Green “I'm still In Love With You”
from I'm Still In Love With You


Sade “Nothing Can Come Between Us”
from Stronger Than Pride Single (1988)


Gregory Abbott “Shake You Down”


Color Me Badd “I Wanna Sex You Up”
from I Wanna Sex You Up - Single


De La Soul “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays” Single


Shalamar “The Second Time Around ((12" Inch Version))”
from The 12" Collection (Unidisc Music Inc.)


Janet Jackson “R&B Junkie”
from Damita Jo Single (2004)


The Whispers “Cruisin' In”
from Love Is Where You Find It


Loose Ends “Slow Down” Single


Michael McDonald “Sweet Freedom”
from Sweet Freedom - Single


The Staple Singers “Let's do it again”
composed by The Staple Singers
from Diamond Master Series - The Staple Singers (X5 Music Group)


Dr. Dre “Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang”
from Old School Tribute to Dr. Dre


Denroy Morgan “I'll Do Anything for You” Single (Unidisc Music Inc. 1982)


Commodores “Lady (You Bring Me Up)” Single


Maze “Joy And Pain” Single


Janet Jackson “When I Think Of You” Single


Mariah Carey “Dreamlover”
from Music Box Single (1993)


Meshell Ndegeocello “I Wonder If I Take You Home”
from Ventriloquism Single (2018)


Stevie B “Spring Love”
from Best of Stevie B MP3 (Rhino Atlantic 1991)

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