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B'lieve I'm Goin Down...

B'lieve I'm Goin Down…


B-Sides & Rarities

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (Deluxe Version)

B.P.M. (1991-1994)

b/w Solar Throw-Away

Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

Baby Lu-Lu

Babylon Rules

Back Door Santa - Single

Back From samoa

Back From the Grave

Back From The Grave

Back From The Grave

Back In The Red

Back In The USA

Back On Top

Background Check

backwards May



Bad attitude

Bad Brains

Bad News Boys

Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation

Bad timing


Bait and Switch


Bakesale (Deluxe Edition)

Ball and Chain - Single

Bam Bam Bam!

Banda Macho

Bandana Thrash Record


Bang Bang Rock & Roll


Bank Place Locomotive Society

Bare Flames

Barging Into the Presence of God - EP


Baron in the Trees

Barry & The Remains

Barton Hollow


Basement Anthology 1976-84

Basta Mafia!

Bath Water Flowers

Battle Champions

Battle For the Sun

Battle for the Sun (Bonus Track Version)

Battle of Brisbane

Battle of Brisbane

Bauhaus (1979 -1983), Vol. 1

Bavarian Fruit Bread

Bayonet Point

BBC Archives: 1967-1972

BBC Archives:1968-1972

BBC Radio Tapes

BBC Radio Tapes '79-'80

BBC Sessions


Be Here Now

Be In Love


Be Nice Be Careful

Be The Void

Be Your Own Pet

Beach Bums Must Die

Beach Music

Beach Music

Beached Earls

Beachwood Sparks



Beat Happening

Beat It

Beat On Beat - Single

Beats And Breaks From The Flower Patch


Beauties Never Die

Beautiful Garbage

Beautiful Thing - Single

Because I Am Always Talking

Because I'm Awesome

Becoming X


Bed & Bugs

Bed and Bugs

Bee Thousand


Before Gardens After Gardens

Before Hollywood

Before The Dawn -Live!

Before the Dream Faded...

Before the Quarrel

before the quarrel

Before We Forgot How to Dream

Beggars Banquet

Begin To Hope

Bella Vista Terrace: The Best Of The Go-Betweens

Bella Vista Terrace: The Best Of The Go-Betweens


Ben Folds Live

Beneath Rhythm and Sound

Beneath the Shadows

Benediction - Single

Benny Blisto

Bent (Bonus Track Version)

Beruhren Meiner Affe

Best of

Best of Heaven 17

Best Of Selections

Best of the Beast

Best of the Hollies

Best of the Troggs

Better Can't Make Your Life Better

Better Nature


Between 10th and 11th

Between the Bridges

Between the Buttons

Between The Times & The Tides

Between Waves



Beyond Reanimator

Beyond the Black Stump

Big Beautiful Sky

Big Belly Man Killed All The Bands

Big Boys

Big Calm

Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) [Remastered]

Big Ideas

Big Plans for Everybody

Big Red Letter Day

Big Wheel and Others

Bikini Kill

Billys dead

Bird Machine



Bitte Orca

Bitte Orca (Expanded Edition)

Blac Static

Black Candy

Black Cherry

Black Dots

Black Eyes

Black Forest

Black Holes And Revelations

Black Magic, White Pussy

Black Monk Time

Black Monk Time

Black Monk Time

Black Mountain

Black Sunday

Black Tambourine

Black White & Blue - Single


Blank Generation

Blank Generation



Blatant Localism

Blatant Localism ep (all)


Bleach Deluxe

Bleed Like Me

Bleeding Moon

Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find


Blind Spot - EP

Blind Willie Johnson, 1927-1930

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton

Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic

Blood Bank - EP

Blood Brothers

Blood Flow, Pt. 2

Blood For Poppies

Blood On Jupiter

Blood Red River 1982-1984

Blood Spirits

Blood Visions

Blood, Guts & Pussy


Bloodstains Across Buffalo

Bloodstains Across Buffalo

Bloodstains Across Buffalo

Bloodstains Across California

Bloodstains Across California

Bloodstains Across the Midwest

Bloodstains Across the Midwest


Blow It South / Down with You - Single

Blow Out The Sun

Blowing On the Devil's Strumpet

Blue / Green / Red