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L'ami du Peuple

L.A.M.F. - The Lost '77 Mixes (Remastered)

La Isla Bonita

La Liberacion

La Pieta/Lungs Of A Giant split

La Roux



Labour Of Love

Laced With Romance

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Lady Fondue

Lady Fondue - Single

Lady Godiva / Morning's Calling

Lady of Spain


Laid Back & English

Laid Back And English



Land Speed Record

Landshark / Where the Wild Things Are

Landslide (Bonus Track Version) - EP

Langsom Dans


Languor In the Balcony


Last Chance Power Drive

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me/Because You Stoo…

Last Splash

Late Night

Lazer Lord - Single

Le Tigre

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Leave Home

Leave Home (Deluxe Edition)

Leave Home (Deluxe Version)

Leave me Alone

Leave Me Alone - Single

Leave Them All Behind

Leave Us

Leaves Leader

Leaving Atlanta

Leaving The Scene

Lecherous Gaze



Legacy of Brutality

Legacy of Brutality


Lemon Party - Single




Les bains Douches

Leslie's Coughing Up Blood

Lesser Matters

Lest We Forget: The Best Of

Let It Be

let it be

Let It Be You

Let It Bloom

Let It Die

Let Me Come Over

Let the Day Begin

Let The Eat Jellybeans

Let the World Fall Apart

Let Them Eat Jellybeans

Let Them Eat jellybeans

Let Them Eat Jellybeans

Let Them Eat Jellybeans

Let Them Eat Wood (Collection)

Let Your Shadow Out

Let's Be Strangers

Let's Build a Roof

Let's dance

Let's Get Out of This Country

Let's Go Eat The Factory

Let's Go to the Mall (From How I Met Your Mother) - Single

lets build a car



Letting Go

Lex Hives

Lexicon Devil


Licensed to Ill

Lick It (Vinyl Collection)



Lies for the Liars



Life Apart

Life Begins at The Hop

Life For Rent

Life In Cartoon Motion

Life Is Just Beginning (Alternate Take 2)

Life of Pause

Life Through One Speaker

Life Time

Life Without Sound

Life's Too Good

Lifes a Bust

Lifted, Or The Story Is In The Soil...

Lifter b/w Green Machine

Light After Dark

Light As a Feather

Light Light - EP

Light Works - EP



Like Cats and Dogs

Like My Kind

Like Smoke

Like The Enemy

Like to Get to Know You

Like We're All Equal Again



LiLiPUT Kleenex


Lily & Madeleine


limited nuclear war

Line Of Sight

link wray & his ray men


Listen to This!!! (Original Recordings 1981-1983)

Listen Up

Listen UP!

Lithophane geisha

Little Bird (Are You Happy In Your Cage)

Little Broken Hearts

Little Mountain

Little Music

Little Person EP

Little Things

Little Voice

Little Windows Cut Right Through


Live & Deadly - Memphis/Chicago

Live & Inspired

Live @ Convocation Hall

Live a Little Love a Lot

Live at the Missing Link

Live at a Sloan Party!

Live At Goner Records

Live At Kelvin Hall

Live At Missing Link

Live at Raven Club, Hamilton, ON, 02.11.02

Live At Soundlab 4/08

Live At Surf City 7"

Live at the Electric Circus

Live at the Electric Circus

Live At the Empire Liverpool 1962

Live at the Missing Link

Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Live Dallas, TX 10/93

Live Disk

Live from "Old grey whistle test"

Live From The Underground

Live In Europe 1989

Live in Liverpool

Live in Paris

Live in San Francisco

Live in San Francisco

Live In Toronto Lee's Palace 11.07.04

Live It Out

Live Japan 01.16.02

Live On The BBC


Live Performance

Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovie (Audio Version)

Live To Ride

Live To Ride

Live To ride

Live Vol. Three

Live, Vol. Two


Living in Darkness

Living Stereo

Living Thing


Lo Boob Oscilator / Tempter

Lo Boob Oscillator/Tempter

Lo Fi at Society High

Lo-Fi at Society

Lo-Fi at Society High


Local Band Does O.K.

Locked 'n' Loaded

Locked Down

Locust Abortion Technician


Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1

Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One

Lola vs. Powerman & the Moneygoround, Pt. 1

London Calling

Loneliest In the Morning