WERU Community Radio

A Voice of Many Voices

Saturday October 6th 2018

Time zone: eastern

6.00am Saturday Morning Coffeehouse (Music) Jim Bahoosh Playlist
10.00am The WERU Family Radio Hour (Music) Scot Cannon Playlist
11.00am 1001 Arts Center Nights (Music) Joel Katz Playlist
12.00pm Reggae Reprieve (Music) Prince I Gwaan Playlist
2.00pm Medium Rare (Music) Kit Playlist
3.00pm At The Hop (Music) Rick Foster Playlist
5.00pm High On A Mountain (Music) Sean G & Steve H Playlist
6.00pm Daydream Nation (Music) Allison Watters Playlist
8.00pm Auditory Illusions (Music) Andy B Playlist
10.00pm Head Rush (Music) Brotha Luv, Lonesome Willie & Alice the Madd Hatter Playlist