Bloomington Community Radio

Tuesday February 7th 2017

Time zone: eastern

1.00am Dancin' Don's Art Party (Music) DANCIN' DON Playlist
6.00am Tues Morning Mix 1 (Music) Carolyn Playlist
9.00am Tues Morning Mix 2 (Music) Danny D. Playlist
1.00pm Tuesday Afternoon Music Mix 1 (Music) Mark Richardson Playlist
3.00pm Tuesday Afternoon Music Mix 2 (Music) DANCIN' DON Playlist
7.00pm Jazz Menagerie (Music) Carl Pearson Playlist
9.00pm The Old Changing Way (Music) Shirley Surtan Playlist
9.00pm The Celtic Road (Music) Jamie Gans Playlist
11.00pm Maybe Partying Will Help (Music) Paul Playlist