Georgetown Radio

WGTB Georgetown Radio

Friday April 17th 2015

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Chillmatic (Music) Three-Dogg Playlist
12.00am American Robespierre (Music) Cuddly Crackdown Playlist
1.00am Under the Radar (Music) Jazzy Jane Playlist
7.00am Bo and Co in the Mo ft. Sizza (Music) Sizza Playlist
9.00am 2shades (Music) J. Playlist
10.00am Rasputin's Mistresses (Music) Kashmere Playlist
11.00am The Up-Turn (Music) Peter a.k.a. DJ CLAPYOURHANDZ Playlist
12.00pm No, We're Not Dating (Music) Brett Playlist
4.00pm Soul Mates (Music) DJ Charlie Playlist
6.00pm Collateral Jammage (Music) Stephen Yaeger Playlist
8.00pm The Country High (Music) Rob Iannaccone Playlist
9.00pm Weekend Wanderlust (Music) Shan Playlist