WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge

Harvard Radio Broadcasting

Wednesday October 3rd 2018

Time zone: eastern

12.00am Welcome to the Shit Show (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
12.00am The Record Hospital (RecordHospital) WHRB Playlist
2.00am Hanna <3 (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
3.30am liz and mork (RecordHospital) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
5.00am The Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) WHRB Record Hospital Playlist
5.00am Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) WHRB Playlist
5.00am A Glass of watah (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
7.00am Xen's Jazz (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
12.00pm Jazz Spectrum (Jazz) WHRB Jazz Playlist
1.00pm Classical Music (Classical) WHRB Playlist
1.00pm Afternoon Concert (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
8.00pm New Releases (Classical) WHRB-Classical Playlist
10.00pm witch punk and other stuff to play for ur coven (RecordHospital) algae Playlist
10.30pm Mitch for a minute (RecordHospital) Mitch Playlist
11.30pm witches and mish mosh (RecordHospital) lotus Playlist